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Elevate Your Automotive Work with Mueller-Kueps’ Versatile Creeper 

This creeper boasts a slightly elevated, upholstered headrest for added comfort during vehicle maintenance.

Mueller-Kueps Wheel Weight Adhesive Eraser

You can’t erase the past, but you can erase sticky wheel weight adhesive.

Mueller-Kueps Releases NOX Sensor Thread Restorer

THREADING on thin ice? See how the Mueller-Kueps NOX Sensor Thread Restorer Kit can help.

Mueller-Kueps Brake Line Straightener

This special tool is made to straighten the 1/4-in. brake line when it is bent.

Mueller-Kueps Universal Belt Wrench No. 551 005

Made of high quality materials, this belt wrench allows you to tighten the strap to the size you need without denting the filter in the process

Mueller-Kueps Offers Hose Clamp Compressor

The new hose clamp compressor aims to reduce the difficulty of removing or installing hose and spring clamps.

Mueller-Kueps Flexible Magnets

These magnets come in three weight categories and can lift between 1 and 6 lbs.

flexible magnets
XL-Torx Screwdriver Set from Mueller-Kueps

The neon green and black body allows you to spot the screwdriver from across the shop.

Keep Your Hands Free with Mueller-Kueps Uni-Worktable

The top tray has protective bumpers to protect the car you’re working on.

Mueller-Kueps Introduces Pro-Xnife Kit

Three different blade types provide you with the tools for cutting coolant hoses, zip ties, carpet, wire harnesses, plastic, door panels and more.