A Common Link Between Tires, Brakes and TPMS (Video)

A Common Link Between Tires, Brakes and TPMS (Video)

The AUTEL TBE200 laser-enabled tire tread depth and brake disc wear tool provides quick and accurate wear measurements.

Using the AUTEL ITS600 for TPMS service is just smart business. And it gets better. The ITS600 has a host of other “add-on” tools that can be used with it to provide your customers a more detailed examination of the health of their vehicle and a scan report that is easy to read and understand. Let’s take a look at the TBE200. This tool is the reason I can chuck my old-fashioned tread depth gauge into the trash!

The AUTEL TBE200 is a laser-enabled tire tread depth & brake disc wear tool that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements. Measure brake disc wear without having to remove tires. It features a 1.65” AMOLED super retina touchscreen, displaying measurement data curves in real-time. TBE200 provides uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement and maintenance suggestions for quick tire service. The TBE200 dual cameras enable users to document tire wear and damage and scan Tire Identification Number. Use the tool separately, or with ITS600 to view and print detailed TPMS reports.

Using the TBE200 is very simple and tech friendly. Tap “Tire Tread” on the TBE200 to begin using measuring tire tread depth. The values will appear on the ITS600 as well as the TBE200. The tread depth data will now integrate with the TPMS related information on the ITS600. Place the tool on the tire surface ensuring the laser line is perpendicular to the tread of the tire. Wear status is displayed in 32’s as well as color coded. Green means good, yellow means replacement is recommended, and red of course indicates immediate replacement recommended. The tool can also take pictures of tire wear & damage with its built-in cameras. We also have the ability to scan or manually enter the DOT number. This can alert the customer of a tire expiration notice and even tire recalls that a customer may be unaware of. The tool can identify uneven wear characteristics when used in the “All check” mode as it will measure the tread depth in 3 areas of the tire. Recommendations may include tire replacement, tire rotations and alignment checks.

We can even test the brake disc wear with the same tool without removing the tires! Select the brake disc icon and place the tool on the disc brake rotor surface ensuring the laser extension line passes thru the center of the rim. The screen will display real-time measurement data with 0.1mm accuracy. Just as with the tread depth, the screen will display a color code along with the measurement of the surface irregularity. Same color code that we’re all used. Green is good, yellow is time for concern and red indicates an immediate concern that needs addressed.

The comprehensive test report will include TPMS health, tire tread depth, brake disc wear characteristics and repair tips when paired with the ITS600. Detailed replacement and maintenance suggestions are easy to read and understand with some of the results suggesting a tire or brake disc replacement, tire rotation, and alignment servicing.

The data can be printed and presented on a scan report that can be printed or emailed directly to the customer or generate QR codes for tire tread depth and brake disc measurements to allow for easy report sharing & download via mobile phones or tablets.

All this information was done without even removing a tire! In a matter of minutes, you can diagnosis a failed TPMS sensor, uneven tire wear indicating an alignment check is suggested and maybe even some rear rotors that are getting worn. Keeping your customers safe and informed about their vehicle without sacrificing valuable time from your technicians is what separates this tool from the rest! Thanks for watching!

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