A Show of Changes

A Show of Changes

TechShop was on site in Orlando, FL for the Matco Tools Expo and the Mac Tools Tool Fair.

To be successful as an auto technician, you have to keep up with the changes. Technology moves fast, and the cars you all work on are always changing. Just as fast, the tools and equipment required to do your job are changing right alongside.

If you’re thinking about new screwdrivers, you’re right. But that’s only a part of it. As the spring season approaches every year, the tool companies that cater to our industry kick off the weather we’ve all been waiting for with their annual tool shows to highlight the latest technology that’ll soon be hitching a ride on your local tool truck.

To keep up with it all, TechShop was on site in Orlando, FL for the Matco Tools Expo and the Mac Tools Tool Fair. There were new screwdrivers and new colors. There were also new sockets, lights, toolboxes, storage options, electronics, diagnostics and more. And in addition to the new tools that are born with new technology, it always amazes me to see all the new tool solutions made, simply to make a technician’s job easier!

Reflecting some other big changes in the tool industry is the other part of it, and those changes are a shift in manufacturing and sustainability. A theme which I’ve unintentionally followed this year in my columns is accepting essential aspects needed to succeed in our industry. One of those is adopting eco-friendly practices in our shops. I was pleased to learn that the tool industry has their eye on these aspects as well.

Why is it so important? The automotive repair industry is building a new initiative where every oil change, every part replacement, every repair and the equipment, tools and supplies we use on a daily basis all have an eye toward sustainability. I don’t feel it’s a matter of choice; it’s a responsibility we all owe to our environment and future generations.

Made in the U.S.A. That’s becoming a common theme that is resounding with tool manufacturers. We all know the importance of supporting our own economy, and the shift to U.S. manufacturing is starting to gain a foothold, bringing with it another advantage: sustainability in manufacturing.

Bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. gives company engineers the ability to closely manage manufacturing processes, ensuring they are not only economically sound, but have minimum negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

I should be clear, this isn’t to say that manufacturing abroad is bad, or that it’s harmful to the environment. Some of that takes place here. But in addition to engineering the latest technology in tools, it’s a good feeling to know that the companies we support as technicians are beginning to make a shift, with the best interest of our economy and the future of our environment at the top of their list.

By supporting suppliers and manufacturers of products who share our commitment to the environment, we can amplify the impact of everyone’s collective efforts and contribute to a greener automotive ecosystem.

As far as the new tools, we’ll keep the information coming your way. TS

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