Associated Equipment Adjustable Intellamatic Smart Chargers

Associated Equipment Announces 2 New Adjustable Intellamatic Smart Chargers

When customers started requesting adjustable smart chargers for a variety of battery types, including enhanced flooded or “start-stop” batteries, each requiring specific charging parameters, Associated Equipment listened and developed the IBC6008 and IBC6008MSK in conjunction with OE vehicle and battery manufacturers.

Associated Equipment Corporation announced two new Intellamatic Smart Battery Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply: Model IBC6008 and Model IBC6008MSK with Memory Saver Kit for battery change out.

“The Associated development team is proud to introduce two truly innovative smart battery chargers, feature rich and flexible for the wide variety of vehicles and electrical systems professional technicians must service today,” said Kimberly Cottle, president and CEO of Associated Equipment Corp. “We developed the first U.S.-made Intellamatic smart charger for hybrid vehicles in 1999 and we’ve grown our offering for evolving vehicle batteries and their applications. With so many different battery types, including Enhanced Flooded or “Start-Stop” batteries, each requiring specific charging parameters; our customers started requesting adjustable smart chargers. We listened and developed the IBC6008 and IBC6008MSK in conjunction with both OE vehicle and battery manufacturers to fill a real need in this category. We are pleased to have approvals by all domestic OE vehicle manufacturers as well as European and Asian manufacturers for both chargers.”

The Models IBC6008 and IBC6008MSK Intellamatic Smart Battery Chargers and Analyzers with Adjustable Power Supply Mode feature a four-line backlit digital display allowing technicians to adjust both the charging voltage and/or charging amperage based on vehicle and battery manufacturer specifications, safely charging almost all 12V battery types, including AGM and Lithium (SLI). The chargers feature a unique “Partial Charge Mode” and patented battery diagnostics enabling technicians to quickly check and charge batteries reducing service bay time. The 70 Amp Re-Flash Power Mode can be adjusted to specific voltages needed to perform extended vehicle diagnostics or ECU re-flash procedures per manufacturer specifications. Additional features include overcharge protection, Safe in Any Weather operation, as well as both audible and visual alarms for reverse polarity indication protection, weak or defective battery, partial charge and complete charge.

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