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Autel announces its MaxiSYS MS906CV complete service tablet for HD service plus all systems diagnostics.


Autel Total Care Program Includes Year of Free Software Updates

MaxiSYS Total Care Program subscriptions include an extended limited warranty that covers device failure, as well as discounted battery replacement / tablet replacement.


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Autel announced a new sales promotion for the MaxiSYS Total Care Program (TCP) subscriptions.

“We are listening to dealer feedback and adding new focus on the Digital Delivery method, so customers can purchase and activate the subscription the same day,” says the company. “We are promoting users to purchase from local tool dealers for best price.”

All MaxiSYS tools include one year of free software updates and a one-year warranty after registration. After the initial year expires, users can purchase an additional one-year TCP subscription to extend software coverage and the tool warranty.

Purchasing the MaxiSYS TCP provides several benefits including:

  • Extends the limited warranty to cover device failure
  • Provides newest updated vehicle coverage
  • Updated diagnostic features for proper testing
  • Discounted battery replacement / tablet replacement
  • Contact Tech Support anytime remotely from your tool
  • Request Autel issued Return Goods Authorization (RGA)

Autel encourages users to update software regularly for the most accurate tool features.

Check out Autel’s new Training Academy at


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