Brian Manley, Author at TechShop Magazine
Technician Health and Safety: The Most Important Tool You’ll Ever Own

The life of an automobile technician is filled with many short- and long-term health hazards. The health offenses that I can recall throughout my career include: cuts to the hands, arms and face; burns on my hands and arms; flying debris in my eye; squirting fluid in my eye; breathing car-generated dust; breathing excess car

Carburetor Repairs & Recalibrations

As a follow-up to “Dusting Off Fuel System Fossils” in April’s edition of Underhood Service, I will share many driveability concerns and emissions failures that I’ve repaired by rebuilding, and sometimes modifying, certain carb circuits. But before diving into a carburetor rebuild or recalibration, be certain that you understand the system you’re working on, including

Dusting Off Fuel System Fossils:

For many technicians these days, the sight of a real working carburetor may be as alien as the rover roaming the dusty Martian surface. But consider the opportunities that these die-cast, zinc alloy, fossil fuel-metering Martians present to us technicians. Opportunities abound, to repair emissions failures by re-calibrating the main circuits and diagnosing high carbon