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Chassis Control Engineering & Application

It is a common mistake to look at a vehicle’s chassis and suspension system as just components that are either good, bad or broken. It should be looked at as a system. Understanding basic terminology and vehicle configurations is important to the technician for maintaining or returning that new car chassis control and performance. It

Steering Position and Yaw

Driving skills and Electronic Stability Control One of the first things a novice driver asks is: “Do I turn into the skid or away from it?” With Electronic Stability Control, this decision is made for us. When a vehicle begins to skid during a cornering maneuver, the skilled driver steers into the direction of the

Rotor Runout Check List

The vehicle owner may say that under light braking the vehicle pulses to a stop, or under heavy braking the vehicle shudders. Technical service bulletins (TSBs) often describe these symptoms as a “judder.” There are only two causes for judder — lateral runout and disc thickness variation on the rotor’s friction surface. What could have

Air Springs and Suspensions

ed air suspension to their SL sedans and limousines. Air springs returned in 1974 for the rear suspension of the new GMC Motor Home RV26. This time the springs came from Firestone and the compressor was driven by an electric motor. The mid 1980s saw a revival of air suspension at all four corners for

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Now that school is out, school bus inspections and maintenance is taking place in preparation for the next session in the fall. Many school districts are outsourcing the maintenance of their buses. This could be your chance to increase your shop’s customer base. While the coach work (body) of buses is changing to incorporate features

Rack & Pinion VS. Recirculating Ball

Most steering systems you will see in your bays are sealed. But, this does not mean that they do not need to be diagnosed, serviced or replaced. The most important thing to effectively accomplish this is to understand what is going on inside the steering box or rack. You may think the diagnosis of a

15 Ride Control Tips

These tips will help you sell the job and do it right!!! The customer will not be happy if he brought the car in for a knocking noise, was sold a couple hundred dollars worth of struts and or ball joints, etc., and the noise is still there. He takes the car elsewhere and the

Brake Caliper Diagnostics

The owner of a 2004 Malibu says that there is a squeaking noise coming from the right front wheel. A quick inspection shows that the master cylinder is low on fluid and the pads are down to the sensor. You tell the owner that she needs to have the brake pads replaced. She responds that

Swaybar Tune Up

A long time ago in a service bay far away, the average tread life of a bias ply tire was 20,000 miles. Even with belted bias ply tires, you did well to get 30,000 miles. Shocks, ball joints and bushings averaged out at 40,000. Today, modern radials can get 60,000 and suspension parts can go

A Eulogy to the Overdrive? It is Not Dead Yet

r set for overdrive and a roller clutch to drive the output shaft. The Borg Warner and Doug Nash mechanicals are quite different from the GV overdrive. This is most probably the reason they are no longer in production. The Borg Warner used a shifting a linkage, collar and gear to mechanically connect the input

Solutions to Repair a Wiring Repair Nightmare

KNOWN PROBLEM AND SOLUTION A 2002 Chevy Impala has the ABS malfunction light on and wheel speed sensor code, C0040 – Right Front Wheel Speed Circuit Malfunction, is in the scan tool. There is no apparent damage to the harness or connectors. TSB #03-05-25-008 states that the connector for the sensor and its harness wiring

Wheel Bearing Service Tips

rvice could come back in fashion on vehicles instead of just on boat trailers. Since serviceable wheel bearings are rare, they often fall victim to wives tales and urban legends. One of the most prevalent is the myth of spinning a bearing with compressed air. Proper service required the bearing cage and roller assembly not