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Golf R Complete Diagnostic Scan

Taking a vehicle scan to the next level with the best VCDS scan.

The Humble Mechanic: Good Tools, Bad Shop

Charles, the Humble Mechanic, encourages good technicians to work at the best shops.

Matco toolbox humble mechanic
The Humble Mechanic: Do Expensive Tools Make You a Better Mechanic?

Charles provides his thoughts on which tools and equipment are worth spending a little extra on, and which ones you’re better off saving your hard-earned dollars.

The Humble Mechanic: Amazing Audio

Since I did some cool coding on my Volkswagen Touareg in the last issue, I wanted to try some more. I read about a coding change on the radio that’s supposed to make the audio sound amazing, similar to the Dynaudio package, so I wanted to test that.

The Humble Mechanic: Touareg Window Coding

We all like to see what cool stuff we can do with our scan tools, so let’s check out some coding changes that we can make to a Volkswagen Touareg.

The Humble Mechanic: Should Technicians Have to Buy Their Own Tools?

So I ask you as a technician, should we have to buy our own tools?

The Humble Mechanic: Weird Things We Use to Fix Cars

Sometimes, with a little ingenuity, we can do a whole lot with very simple things.

Top 5 Humble Mechanic Articles of 2018

As TechShop closes the year, the editorial team chose the most read Humble Mechanic articles from 2018.

Humble Mechanic: Rules for Tools

Here are six rules that you should be following if you’re borrowing tools.

Humble Mechanic: Socket Storage Tips

From socket sets to foam inserts, there are many ways to store your sockets. Charles discusses a variety of options to keep you organized.

Humble Mechanic: Important Tools, Tips for Clutch Replacement

Replacing the clutch set is a pretty straightforward job, yet over the years, I’ve seen a lot of bad practices.

Humble Mechanic: The Must Have Tools for VW and Audi Repairs

Charles has spent his career as a Volkswagen technician and in that time has fine-tuned his perfect list of the tools he needs to fix or maintain VW (and Audi) vehicles.

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