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Installing Coilovers: 5 Tips

When upgrading a suspension, consider doing coilovers. Since Charles was putting them on his GTI, he took the opportunity to share some tips for installing coilovers on any car.

Humble Mechanic Gives 5 Quick Tips for Replacing Camshafts

If you’re rebuilding an engine, odds are you will replace the camshaft or crankshafts. Here are some must-follow tips for replacing a camshaft on just about any engine.

The Humble Mechanic: Proper Tool Usage Versus Getting the Job Done

Charles shares a few things that he keeps in mind when weighing whether or not to use a tool exactly as it was intended or do to just get the job done.

Charles Sanville
The Humble Mechanic: My 6 Biggest Screw Ups as a Mechanic

Mistakes are a normal part of life, but it’s how you handle them and make them right that determines the type of technician you are.

Parasitic Draw Test

With a multimeter in hand, Charles shows how he efficiently performs a parasitic current draw test.

The Humble Mechanic: VW Check Engine Light Diagnostics

When the check engine light came on in Charles’ Passat, he took it as an opportunity to walk us through his diagnostic process.

Charles Sanville video on VW Check Engine Light Diagnostics
Humble Mechanic Tackles Temp Gauge Issues and More

In this video, the Humble Mechanic, answers viewers questions about heat, temp gauges, leaking vacuum pumps and more.

The Humble Mechanic – Removing a Serpentine Belt Tensioner & Alternator from a Volkswagen

The Humble Mechanic shows how having the right tools can make removing a serpentine belt and alternator easy.

The Humble Mechanic: Demystifying Code P0171 System Lean Fault

System lean is the perception by the ECM that there’s unmetered air coming through the engine. The Humble Mechanic says “perception” because that may or may not actually be the case…

Humble Mechanic Reviews a VW/Audi Scanner

The Humble Mechanic reviews OBDeleven’s Volkswagen and Audi scan tool, which pairs with an Android device, and gives tons of options from pulling a code to turning off DRLs.

5 Ways to Stand Out as a Technician­ – in a Good Way!

Learning to stand out in a positive way to our customers is a topic I’m super-passionate about. Here are a few pointers to help you and your team stand out. 1. Talk to Your Customers First and foremost, never be afraid to talk to customers. Whether it’s your customer or just a service customer in

MAHLE TechPRO Diagnostic Scan Tool

The Humble Mechanic reviews the TechPRO Diagnostic Scan Tool from MAHLE Service Solutions.