Lou Calka, Author at TechShop Magazine
Brake Lathe Care and Feeding: Breaking the Cycle of Neglect When it Comes to Machining Rotors

How often do you use your brake lathe? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? If you’re like most undercar shops, your brake lathe is humming along for at least several hours per day, every day. Even a one-man shop will find a brake lathe to be an indispensable piece of undercar equipment.

Servicing Cartridge FWD Wheel Bearings

Early front-wheel-drive wheel bearing service was difficult and time intensive. The most common arrangement was a pair of tapered roller bearings similar to that of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, but with a spacer between the bearings. Servicing this arrangement took time and often special tools. Of course, an axle shaft went through the bearings and spacer.

Understanding Seals

It has been a long drive to the lake. The driver carefully backs the trailer down the boat ramp. As the axles hit the water, the hot wheel bearing hubs hit the water. As the bearings’ heat is quenched by the lake water on the outside of the hub, the rapidly contracting air and lubricants