Matt Roda, Author at TechShop Magazine
Electricity Explained: Circuit Protection and Control

Now that we know how electricity works and how to do some basic tests, let’s look at how electrical circuits are protected and controlled.

Electricity Explained: Types of Electrical Circuits

We’re going to take a look at the three basic types of automobile circuits: series, parallel and series-parallel and how volts, amps and ohms react in each one.

Electricity Explained, Part 2: Using Electrical Testing Equipment

In this second part of our series, Matt Roda dives into using a digital multimeter for measuring volts, amps and ohms.

Electricity Explained – Part 1: Volts, Amps & Ohms

Think you know electricity? Check out the first article in our new series, where we delve into electricity, understanding volts, amps and ohms — and how they affect each other.