Shahla Siddiqi, Author at TechShop Magazine
Choosing Tire & Wheel Service Equipment to Enhance Profitability

Tire and wheel service covers a range of items that provide opportunities for shops to enhance their profitability. Choosing which services a shop wants to provide will determine where the shop owner should make his or her capital investments.

Power Up with Today’s Pneumatic Tools

When purchasing a new pneumatic tool, look for one that is well-balanced and provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. In addition to reducing operator fatigue, better weight distribution makes working in confined spaces much less awkward.

Lift Your Shop’s Profit Potential; Align It with Your Goals

When investing in major equipment, such as a lift or alignment machine, quality and efficient service are essential features. This article highlights some of the attributes to keep in mind before your next purchase.

Cordless Tools Make Quick Work of Tough Jobs for Automotive Technicians

Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturers have developed a wide variety of ergonomically designed cordless tools such as impact wrenches, impact guns, drill drivers and torque multipliers.

Keeping Your Shop’s Temperature Under Control

Keeping the work area comfortable in all kinds of weather is important for maintaining technician productivity and controlling the business’s energy bills.

A/C Service Tools & Equipment Investment Demands a Smart Strategy

Finding an A/C service machine that ensures the safe recovery and recharging of automotive A/C systems.

Get Organized! A Place for Everything – and Everything in Its Place

Organization is essential to productivity; you need a clean workspace where everything is easy to find.

organize automotive toolbox
Specialty Tools Save Techs Time & Money

Specialty hand tools have the potential to save a technician a significant amount of time, and the customer a good deal of money.

Unraveling Electrical Problems with Multimeters and Lab Scopes

Today, lab scopes and multimeters are standard equipment in most automotive repair shops. If you’re looking for a new tool or to upgrade yours, here’s a look into their many features and benefits.

Scan Tools: Solving the Diagnostic Puzzle

“The fact is, the most expensive tool may not be the best tool for you. It depends on what vehicles you work on and what you want out of the tool.” – Dwayne Myers, Dynamic Automotive, Frederick, MD If a 1996 or newer vehicle with OBD II rolls into your shop with a Check Engine

Battery Chargers & Testers – Keeping the Charge Alive

Keeping a vehicle’s battery charged and ready to go is more important than ever.