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Autologic Diagnostics’ 2,000th Customer To Win AssistPlus And Year Of Service

It is expected that the company’s 2,000th customer mark will soon be reached. As a result, the company will offer that lucky customer one free Autologic AssistPlus device along with one year of service support.


Autologic-Logo-300x154Autologic Diagnostics, Inc. has announced that the company will begin recognizing milestones in the growth of its customer base by providing a complimentary subscription to its innovative Autologic Assist solution.

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Autologic has been rapidly growing since the recent introduction of its new Autologic Assist system, the fully integrated automotive diagnostics support solution, which joins data resources and diagnostic tools together on a cloud-based device while providing real-time access to a team of global master technicians.

It is expected that the company’s 2,000th customer mark will soon be reached. As a result, the company will offer that lucky customer one free Autologic AssistPlus device (valued at $15,040) along with one year of service support.

“With the recent launch of our new Autologic Assist integrated diagnostic solution, our client base worldwide has been expanding quickly as more and more repair shops embrace our technology, service and capabilities,” Kevin FitzPatrick, president of Autologic North America, said. “As such, we thought this would be a great opportunity to begin marking these growth milestones in our business by rewarding those responsible for allowing us to achieve these benchmarks – that being our customers.

“Our customers are fast-learning the benefits of our new solution firsthand while reaping the rewards in their businesses in terms of improved productivity and increased revenue. There’s no better way to acknowledge our customers’ loyalty than with our own distinctive solution. Autologic Assist is a suite of capabilities that includes a multi-faceted device, which combines simultaneously various data software resources, superior diagnostic tools and real-time technical support from expert technicians,” FitzPatrick continued. “It integrates knowledge and service from specialists that possess significant OEM experience, helping ensure vehicle issues are diagnosed correctly the first time. This results in both time savings and cost benefits for the repair shops with whom Autologic works. In fact, repair shop owners report that they have seen their daily car count rise by as much as 25%, increasing annual revenues by over 100,000*.”


An ROI calculator that allows repair shops to estimate their customized level of savings can be found by visiting the home page.

In 2015, 100+ Assist technicians provided support worldwide, fixing more than 300,000 issues; identifying in excess of 850,000 fault codes; and, supporting more than 1,000 automobile models. Autologic Assist caters to automotive repairs for BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo vehicles.

For more information, visit or follow the Company on Twitter @autologicassist and on LinkedIn.


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