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Blair Extended Reach Cutters Make Through Holes Fast

The kit is designed to keep the cutting tools handy and safe, ready for use.


Blair Equipment Co., Inc. introduced a new line of annular cutters, the Rotabroach Extended Reach Cutters.

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The cutters are available in four popular sizes which include 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 and 9/16 in. diameters. Plus, the new cutters are also available in a convenient kit that contains all four cutter diameters in a molded plastic case for cutting edge protection, plus two pilots and a hex wrench. The kit is designed to keep the cutting tools handy and safe, ready for use — plus safeguards the precision ground cutting edges.

The Extended Reach cutters feature a single piece arbor/cutter construction and include a spring-loaded pilot for “popping out” the slug at the end of the cut. The cutters provide depths of cut of up to 1/4 in. with a .80 in. maximum flute length and are ideal for sheet metal, tube and pipe, plate fabrications and electrical installations or applications where extended reach is required. They are also designed to make it easy to drill a through hole in pipe and tubing as the operator only needs access to one side of the material to drill the two holes. The arbors of the Rotabroach Cutters fit 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. drill chucks on hand held drills or drill presses. 

The cutters’ design and tooth geometry, based on Blair’s time-proven other series of annular cutters, have demonstrated the ability to drill holes faster than twist, spade or indexable drills, plus they eliminate many secondary sizing and finishing operations including deburring. The hardened, precision ground M2 H.S.S. tools also provide longer service life.


The annular Extended Reach Cutters are hollow, meaning most of the hole remains a solid slug. The smaller cutting area at the periphery of the hole, with no center point or dead zone (where SFM drops to near zero) as with typical drills, allows faster feed rates while requiring less thrust. The tools are made in the USA.

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