B’laster Corporation Acquires Workshop Hero Brand

B’laster Corporation Acquires Workshop Hero Brand

B'laster Corporation becomes manufacturer and retail distributor of Metal Rescue products.

The B’laster Corporation – makers of the penetrant, PB B’laster – announced today its acquisition of Workshop Hero, the consumer division of Armor Protective Packaging (Howell, Michigan). As a result of this acquisition, B’laster is now the manufacturer and retail distributor of Metal Rescue products. The company began manufacturing the product line in its Valley View, Ohio, plant in late February.

“The addition of Metal Rescue products to our rust-busting portfolio further positions us as leaders in the rust and corrosion marketplace,” said Randy Pindor, President and Chief Operating Officer of B’laster. “Professionals turn to B’laster products to make their lives easier and we are excited to now offer them rust removal and preventative solutions along with our penetrant, lubricant and grease offerings.”

The B’laster Metal Rescue product line includes:

Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH: With a newly improved formula that works two times faster than before, Metal Rescue Rust Remover BATH is a clean and safe water-based soak that removes rust from iron and steel without the use of harsh chemicals or acids. It typically works in under 24 hours with no scrubbing, dipping, brushing or other agitation required.

Metal Rescue Rust Remover GEL: Formulated to cling to metal, this citric-acid gel is ideal for removing spot rust in a hard-to-reach area, on vertical surfaces, or on an item that cannot be soaked. It contains no harmful or corrosive acids.

Dry CoatTM Rust Preventative: A water-based liquid that prevents rust from forming on metals such as steel and iron for up to one year when items are stored indoors. Dry Coat can be applied via spray or dip and dries to the touch within 30 minutes.

“In addition to innovation and new market expansion, strategic acquisitions will be a key part of the next phase of the company’s growth,” said Pindor. “It’s certainly our vision to continue adding to our portfolio of professional-grade brands. At the same time, we remain a proud family-owned, Cleveland-based company, rooted in a unique, people-first culture.”

For more information: metalrescue.com

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