Bosch Introduces Advanced Portfolio of Fluid Exchange Equipment Designed For Productivity
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Bosch Introduces Advanced Portfolio of Fluid Exchange Equipment Designed For Productivity

Bosch is introducing at AAPEX this year a new series of fluid exchange products, designed to boost shop revenue and margins, and increase the shop’s customer satisfaction.


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“People are keeping their vehicles longer than ever.
Maintaining proper automotive fluid condition, and replacing it when needed, is
still an important preventive maintenance service that helps customers extend
the life of their vehicle. The proper equipment can make fluid exchange a
routine operation for the shop,” said Tim Stumpff, product manager for Bosch
Diagnostics Business Unit.

“The advanced new Bosch fluid exchange equipment, with
rugged steel construction to withstand the shop environment, will improve the
shop’s ability to efficiently exchange any of a vehicle’s fluids when
appropriate, keep customer vehicles operating properly, and improve the shop’s
bottom line through increased shop productivity,” Stumpff said.


Highlights of the rugged new Bosch fluid exchange units

  • New ATX 200 and ATX 300 Automatic
    Transmission Fluid Exchangers
    offer fast, accurate and thorough
    transmission fluid exchanges. Both the ATX 200 and ATX 300 can exchange
    over 90 percent of the transmission fluid in a single pass in the
    transmission cooler line mode – all in only 2-5 minutes on average. Both
    models incorporate a suction ‘boost’ pump that decreases the service time
    on low-flow and temperature-controlled transmissions – increasing shop
    productivity. The ATX 300 adds the versatility of a dipstick mode,
    increasing service opportunities. Tech friendly, both units feature an
    easy-to-use keypad and an adaptor set for most transmission cooler lines,
    increasing the number of potential services. A patented bypass circuit
    protects the vehicle if power is interrupted.
  •  The
    BFX 200 Brake Flush System
    with an automated push/pull process
    completely flushes the entire brake system in the OEM-specified bleeding
    sequence, ensuring optimal fluid exchange while eliminating system
    contamination and purging air simultaneously for safe, superior service.
    Brake fluid exchanges are being recommended as routine maintenance, and
    the BFX 200 performs this profitable service efficiently and accurately. The
    BFX 200 can perform a complete brake fluid flush in three simple steps – all
    in less than 10 minutes on average. Featuring an efficient and simple
    three-step process, the unit includes universal adapters for a wide
    variety of master cylinders, and on-board waste brake fluid container.
  • MCX 200 Multi-Coolant System Exchanger provides the quickest, most complete
    coolant exchange for all coolant types, and is the most versatile
    coolant exchange machine in the industry. The MCX 200 can quickly,
    accurately and thoroughly exchange a vehicle’s engine coolant in less than
    3 minutes on average, while exchanging 92 to 98% of the coolant in a
    single pass. The machine hooks into the radiator hoses for true, thorough
    exchange, and includes a pressure switch to protect the vehicle cooling
    system from high pressure. A waste tank float switch protects the pump by
    shutting the pump off automatically when the tank is empty.
  • VCX 100 and VCX 400 Coolant Flush
    products are designed to provide expert,
    high-demand coolant flush service These coolant/antifreeze
    exchangers offer dramatic visual appeal with a unique cylinder design that
    shows the old, dirty fluid being extracted and being replaced with new
    fluid, which can help sell the coolant flush service to customers. The VCX
    100 and VCX 400 can quickly exchange all types of engine coolant in 5-15
    minutes on average, and include a versatile cone adapter which allows the
    units to efficiently service most vehicle makes and models. The VCX 400
    includes three new coolant cylinders to speed coolant selection and changeover,
    and both units’ feature easy-to-use ball valve controls and operate off of
    normal shop compressed air – no electricity required!

•    PSX 300 – Power Steering Fluid Exchanger
DFX 100 Differential and Manual
Transmission System
Fluid Exchanger make
traditionally bothersome and messy fluid exchange service for these systems
simple and mess-free, while performing these profitable services efficiently,
quickly and accurately. The PSX 300 and DFX 100 can perform a complete power
steering fluid exchange or gear oil change in 5-15 minutes on average, and both
units are simple to operate by toggling the new and old fluid pump switches.
Both units utilize a clear dual process hose and wand that is inserted into the
vehicle’s power steering reservoir or, in the case of the DFX 100, the
vehicle’s differential or transmission. The technician can then monitor the
fluid condition through the clear hose as the machine extracts the old fluid
and then refills with the new fluid. The service is complete once the waste
fluid matches the color of the new fluid.



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