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Associated Equipment Corp.

Associated Equipment logo
Phone: 314-385-5178Phone: 800-949-1472Fax: 314-385-3254
Contact: Tim Cronin
5043 Farlin
St. Louis MO 63115

Recent Products

Associated Equipment Introduces High Power Smart Charger

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-19-2020

The Associated Equipment Model ESS6100 is a 100 A high power Smart charger with inverter technology. It allows you to keep a 12V lead or lithium battery at a perfectly stabilized voltage duri...

Associated Equipment Charger, Analyzer, Power Supply and More

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-18-2020

The Model IBC6008MSK charger by Associated Equipment Corporation has adjustable charging amperage and voltage with patented diagnostics to detect weak or defective batteries, a designed-in adjustable...

Associated Equipment Announces Energy Efficient Heavy-Duty AGM Battery Chargers

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-03-2019

Model 6006AGM Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces three new energy efficient heavy-duty AGM battery chargers: 6006AGM, 6009AGM and 6012AGM. “Associated Equipment took the opportu...

Associated Equipment Announces 2 New Adjustable Intellamatic Smart Chargers

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-11-2019

Associated Equipment Corporation announced two new Intellamatic Smart Battery Charger/Analyzer/Power Supply: Model IBC6008 and Model IBC6008MSK with Memory Saver Kit for battery change out. ...

Associated Equipment Heavy Duty Kwikstart Jump Starter with 7 ft. Cables

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-22-2019

Associated Equipment’s Heavy Duty Kwikstart (KS401) offers the longest replaceable field serviceable cables in the industry. The Kwikstart battery jump starter with 7 ft. cables instantly jump ...

Associated Equipment Releases Graphical Battery, Electrical Systems Tester

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-05-2018

Associated Equipment Corporation announced a new hand-held graphical battery and electrical system tester, model 12-2415. The model 12-2415 analyzer performs 12V battery and electrical systems ...

Associated Equipment Announces Digital Heavy-Duty Carbon Pile Variable Load Tester

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-23-2018

Associated Equipment’s new Model 7136R Digital Heavy-Duty Carbon Pile Variable Load Tester for 6V, 8V and 12V batteries is designed for high-volume, heavy-duty fleet use. This unit quickly and ac...

Associated Equipment Announces RoHS and CE Compliant Heavy-Duty Carbon Pile Variable Load Tester

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-09-2017

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces Model 7136R digital carbon pile variable load tester to support heavy-duty and fleet 6V/8V/12V batteries up to 2000CCA. “Our new and improved ...

Three New Battery Maintainers/Chargers from Associated Equipment Meet New Energy Standards

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-17-2017

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces new energy-efficient portable automotive maintainers/chargers under the ATEC brand. “Our new and improved maintainers are capable of charging ...

Associated Equipment's KwikStartPRO Offers 360 CCA of Cold Crank Power

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-14-2016

  Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) offers the KS400 Professional Heavy Duty Industrial Jump Start, designed, manufactured and patented in the United States. The KS400 KwikStartPRO...

Associated Equipment Jump Starter Features Extra-Long Cables and Light Diagnostics

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-20-2016

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces the new KS401 KwikStart Industrial Jump Starter designed, patented and assembled in the U.S. The heavy-duty portable power unit includes light dia...

Portable Fume Extractor from Associated Equipment Provides Two Levels of Extraction Capability

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-23-2016

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces the model AF20195, a portable fume extractor for the automotive welding and PBE markets. The highly versatile AF20195 portable fume extractor provid...

Associated Equipment Announces New Smart Battery Chargers

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-01-2016

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces a new and improved line of portable automotive smart bench chargers under the ATEC brand. “Our new smart bench charger line is capable of chargin...

Associated Equipment Offers Hand-Held Digital Battery Tester

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-14-2015

The 12-1015 lightweight hand-held digital battery tester from Associated Equipment features a thermo printer and USB port. It stores the last test series with or without power. The battery test dis...

Associated Equipment Offers Professional HD Jump Starter

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-15-2015

The model KS400 Professional Heavy-Duty Industrial Jump Starter from Associated Equipment just may be the last jump starter you’ll ever need. This U.S.-designed, manufactured and patented model i...

Associated Equipment Announces KwikStart Micro and KwikStart MicroPlus Jump Starters

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-07-2014

Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces two new uniquely patented ATEC portable power product offerings: the KwikStart Micro and KwikStart MicroPlus. The KwikStart MicroPlus, Model 6600, i...

Recent News

Associated Equipment Announces New and Improved 'Best in Class' Battery Charger Warranty

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-14-2019

Associated Equipment Corp. announced the new BEST IN CLASS Warranty program for domestically made wheeled battery chargers. Associated Equipment’s new BEST IN CLASS warranty provides a two-y...


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