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Lock Technology, Inc.

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Phone: 800-421-7241Fax: 630-983-5967 552 S. Washington Street
Naperville IL 60540

Recent Products

Access, Loosen and Remove Frozen O2 Sensors with LTI's Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-30-2020

Use your air hammer to easily remove obstructed O2 sensors and diesel knock sensors with the LT994 Shockit Socket O2 Sensor Removal Kit from Lock Technology, Inc. The kit includes a low-profile d...

Get the Edge in Auto Repossession with LTI

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-01-2020

The 2-Piece Skinny Rod Lock Out Kit by Lock Technology (LT-128) was designed for speed and ease of use with U-shaped patent-pending serrated knife-like work edges that e­ffortlessly grab and lift th...

Universal Seal/Bearing Puller from LTI Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-18-2020

LTI Tools’ Texas Twister Dedicated Single Rod Universal Seal/Bearing Puller (P/N LT856) features a 27-in. one-piece design for maximum strength and power, is air hammer powered for easy user contro...

Lock Technology's German Vehicle Rotating Ring Security Lug Nut Removal Tool Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2018

German vehicles use a factory-designed, high-security lug nut that incorporates a rotating ring around the front edge of the lug nut. A dedicated star-shaped key is required to remove/replace the ...

LTI Tools Offers German Vehicle Rotating Ring Lug Nut Removal Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-20-2017

Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and VW are using a very effective high-security rotating ring lug nut. The rotating ring at the front edge of the lug nut prevents any specialty lug nut tools/soc...

Hollow End Line Taps from LTI Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-05-2017

Be prepared for the A/C season with LTI Tools’ Hollow End Line Taps (LT991). PROBLEM: A/C and hydraulic line fitting threads become corroded over time and are damaged in the disconnect process,...

Don’t Damage Rims to Remove Frozen Lug Nuts – Get LTI Tools’ Lug Ripper II

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-02-2017

Got a frozen lug nut you can’t get off? Don’t torch it off and damage the rim. The Lug Ripper II (LT1350) only drills out the internal threads of the lug nut and the external threads of the stu...

Texas Twister Air Hammer Pulling Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-29-2016

Now you can convert your air hammer into a pneumatic slide hammer with the Texas Twister (LT855) from LTI Tools. Simply snap the Texas Twister curved air bit into the collet of your hammer with one...

LTI Tools Offers Brake Line/Brake Cylinder Fitting Re-Threading Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-22-2016

The LT993 Brake Line/Brake Cylinder Fitting Re-Threading Kit from Lock Technology Inc. (LTI Tools) re-threads brake wheel cylinders, master cylinder fittings, ABS control module fittings and brake lin...

LTI Tools Offers Universal Wheel Bearing Hub Removal Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-25-2016

Safely remove all frozen hubs instantly with LTI Tools’ Universal Hub Shocker Wheel Bearing Hub Removal Tool (LT830A). It's universal fit mounts to all axle bolted hubs – 5, 6 and 8 lug hubs. ...

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