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Knipex Tools

Phone: 847-398-8520Fax: 847-398-8526 2035 S. Arlington Heights Road
Arlington Heights IL 60005

Recent Products

4" Fully Functioning Pliers Wrench from Knipex

The 4” Pliers Wrench XS is now available from Knipex. Although just 4” in length, this fully functioning pliers wrench grips like a big tool with 3/4” jaw capacity and 10 adjustment positions. ...

Make Precise Cuts with KNIPEX Snap Knife

KNIPEX Tools introduces its universal snap knife, the CutiX (90 10 165 BKA), with an innovative stabilization bar that keeps the blade from bending for quicker cutting. The CutiX’s unique, exten...

KNIPEX Tools' TwinGrip Pliers Feature 5-Adjustment Push-Button

KNIPEX Tools introduced its TwinGrip Pliers (82 01 200), the industry’s only slip joint pliers with a five-adjustment push-button.  The TwinGrip features both front and side gripping areas....

Knipex Improves Chrome Pliers Wrench

Knipex introduces its new and improved 12-in. Pliers Wrench (P/N 86 03 300) now in a chrome finish. The wrench offers increased gripping capacity to 2-1/2-in. due to two additional adjustment pos...

Knipex Mini Bolt Cutter

Knipex’s CoBolt S Mini Bolt Cutter with Recess (71 31 160) cuts components such as bolts, nails, rivets etc. up to 13/64 in. / 4.4 mm. The tool’s ...

Knipex Automotive Pliers Set

Knipex Tools’ Automotive Pliers Set (00 20 01 V16) includes four tools in a foam tray for workbenches or tool carts. Included in the set are Needle-Nose Combination Pliers (08 21 145), a High Le...

Small but Mighty: Knipex Cobra XS Pliers

At just 4 inches, the KNIPEX Cobra XS (87 00 100) just might be the smallest water pump pliers in the world! These fully functional Cobra pliers offer 11 adjustment positions, a 1-...

Knipex Pipe Cutters for Multilayer and Pneumatic Hoses

Knipex offers its Pipe Cutters for Multilayer and Pneumatic Hoses (P/N 90 10 1850, which are ideal for all liquid, multilayer and pneumatic hoses/pipes commonly available on the market in the applica...

Knipex Heavy-Duty Grip Pliers

Knipex Heavy-Duty Grip Pliers tightly hold round or flat material. The pliers easily adjust with a screw and release lever for one-hand operation. They offer high clamping pressure due to tog...

Larger KNIPEX Tools Pliers Wrench XL Offers Multiple Tool Functions in One

The new, larger size pliers wrench, from KNIPEX, eliminates the need for a full set of wrenches by providing the functions of pliers and a wrench all in one tool. With a length of 16” and a capac...

KNIPEX Tools' Pliers Open Multiple Types of Hose Clamps

KNIPEX Tools has added new hose clamp pliers (85 51 250 A SBA) to its Cobra line of pliers. The tips of the hose clamp pliers feature a unique design to reduce slipping off the workpiece when openi...

Recent News

KNIPEX Tools Launches New Website for U.S. Audience

KNIPEX Tools introduces its new website for U.S. consumers, which includes responsive web design, extensive product sorting and filtering capabilities and improved imagery. The website now fe...


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