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Streamlight, Inc.

Phone: 610-631-0600Fax: 610-631-0712 30 Eagleville Road
Eagleville PA 19403

Recent Products

Streamlight's Multi-Fuel EDC Light Delivers 1,000 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-01-2021

Streamlight Inc.’s ProTac90X USB, a multi-fuel right-angle light offers up to 1,000 lumens and features a 90º head for multiple lighting needs. This addition to the ProTac series of tactical l...

Streamlight Offers Ultra-Compact Personal Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-26-2021

Streamlight, Inc. launched the ultra-compact Pocket Mate, a weather-resistant, USB rechargeable personal light that delivers 325 lumens and features convenient hands-free options. The Pocket Mate fea...

Streamlight Updates Stinger for Better Grip

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-21-2021

Streamlight's rechargeable Stinger 2020, designed for inspection, identification and repair uses. The new light delivers 2,000 lumens and up to a 24-hour run time and features an anti-roll bo...

Streamlight Upgrades Stylus Pro USB Penlight

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-08-2020

Streamlight Inc. launched a new version of its Stylus Pro USB penlight. The light now delivers 350 lumens and features a slimmer, matte black body with a forward-sliding protective sle...

Streamlight Launches Rechargeable Waypoint 300

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-17-2020

Streamlight Inc. launched the Waypoint300, a rechargeable high lumen, pistol grip spotlight with enhanced down-range lighting capability.  Featuring 270,000 candela, a 1,039-meter beam distan...

Streamlight's Rechargeable, Compact Light Delivers 500 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-22-2020

Streamlight Inc. introduces the MacroStream USB, a compact, lightweight personal light that delivers 500 lumens, 2 hours of run time on high and 8 hours on low. Weighing only 2.2 oz., the MacroS...

Streamlight Launches Strion Switchblade

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-02-2020

Streamlight, Inc., a provider of high-performance lighting, has introduced the Strion Switchblade, a compact and extremely powerful 500-lumen area light with a double-sided light bar that rotates 180...

Streamlight Introduces USB Rechargeable Flipmate

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-27-2019

Streamlight, Inc., has launched the compact and powerful FlipMate, a USB rechargeable light with a blade that rotates 270 degrees on its body to provide area lighting as well as color matching. Offer...

STREAMLIGHT Introduces USB Rechargeable Syclone

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-13-2019

Streamlight Inc. launches the Syclone, a compact work light featuring both spot and flood beams with a total of six output modes. The Syclone fits in tight places; hands-free or hanging and the b...

Streamlight Ultra Lightweight QB Headlamp Delivers 200 Lumens Over 85 Meters

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-11-2019

Streamlight Inc. introduced the QB, an ultra-compact headlamp that delivers 200 lumens over an extraordinary distance of 85 meters on its highest setting. Offering the convenience of USB rec...

Streamlight Introduces Waterproof Portable Scene Light II

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-17-2019

Streamlight Inc. launched the groundbreaking Portable Scene Light II, a 10,000-lumen rechargeable, waterproof scene light featuring a versatile steel frame and 360° rotating head for precise aim...

Streamlight Donates $20,000 to National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-26-2019

Streamlight, Inc. announced that it donated $20,000 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF), including $10,000 in proceeds from sales of the company's specially marked NFFF Red Nano...

Streamlight Introduces Hands-Free Right Angle Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-01-2019

Streamlight, Inc. introduced the ProTac 90, the latest addition to the ProTac series of tactical lights.  The ultra-compact, 300-lumen light features a 90-degree head for right-angle lighting, ...

Streamlight Creates Headlamp with 21-Hour Run Time

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-30-2018

Streamlight Inc. introduced the new extended run time Bandit Pro, the ideal lightweight, hands-free work light for professional and consumer uses alike. Featuring the convenience of USB recharge...

Streamlight Headlamp Offers Two Light Sources

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-17-2018

Streamlight, Inc. introduced the versatile Twin-Task Headlamp, featuring both spot and COB flood beams that allow for hands-free lighting for both distance and close-up lighting tasks. The high lu...

Streamlight Jr. F-STOP Flashlight Features Latest in LED Technology

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-28-2018

Streamlight Inc. has launched the Streamlight Jr. F-STOP, an ultra-compact 2AA alkaline penlight that allows users to smoothly transition between spot and flood beams to meet both close-up and area li...

Streamlight Debuts USB Rechargeable Flashlight Systems

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-08-2018

Streamlight Inc., introduced four rechargeable tactical light systems. Each comes with the new Streamlight 18650 USB lithium ion battery with integrated micro USB charging port, turning Streamlight'...

Streamlight Launches Twin-Task USB Headlamp

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-29-2018

Streamlight, Inc. announced the Twin-Task line of work lights now include a hands-free, rechargeable model, the Twin-Task USB Headlamp. The new light uses two unique LEDs to provide a spot beam or...

Streamlight Launches Polytac X Flashlight 

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-12-2018

Streamlight Inc. announced it has added a new model to its PolyTac line of tactical lights to include an enhanced, dual fuel version. The new light, the PolyTac X, features 600 lumens and offers the...

Streamlight Offers Rechargeable, Multi-Function Work Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-18-2017

The Streamlight Stinger Switchblade LED rechargeable area light offers three lighting options: cool white LEDs for area lighting, 90 CRI LEDs for color matching and a UV LED for leak detection. ...

Streamlight Introduces Rechargeable KeyMate USB Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-29-2017

Streamlight Inc. introduced the KeyMate USB, an ultra-compact, hands-free area light that is shaped like a key so that it can be easily attached to a key ring or zipper pull. The USB rechargeable li...

Streamlight Dual Fuel Tactical Lights Feature Multiple Battery Options

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-12-2017

  Streamlight Inc. has expanded its ProTac family of tactical lights to include enhanced versions of two of its models. The new lights, the ProTac HL-X and ProTac 2L-X, feature 1,000 and 500 lumen...

Streamlight’s Lightweight, USB Rechargeable Headlamp Delivers Up to 1,000 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-27-2017

  Streamlight Inc. has enhanced its popular HL (High Lumen) family of tactical lights by adding a hands-free, USB rechargeable solution, the ProTac HL USB Headlamp.  The high-powered, yet...

Streamlight Debuts Ultra-Light Bandit USB Headlamp

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-20-2017

   Streamlight Inc. introduced the Bandit USB Headlamp, an ultra-lightweight, compact, hands-free area light that floods an area with light while weighing only slightly more than an ounce. The...

Streamlight Launches Dual Switch Strion Models

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-05-2016

Streamlight Inc. introduced new models of its popular Strion lights, with innovative Dual Switch (DS) technology, the Strion DS, the Strion  DS HL (High Lumen) and the Strion DS HPL (High Performance...

Streamlight Introduces Stylus Pro 360 Penlight

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-20-2016

Streamlight Inc. introduced the alkaline battery-powered Stylus Pro 360, a sleek, compact penlight that can also serve as a small lantern. The new light features a sliding bezel that reveals a...

Streamlight Debuts Lithium Ion Battery and Charger

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-28-2016

Streamlight Inc. introduced its 18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger, designed to energize the growing line of Streamlight products that accept 18650 rechargeable batteries. The new, dual power input...

Streamlight USB Rechargeable Model Features Ultraviolet Detection Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-13-2016

Streamlight Inc.’s rechargeable Stylus Pro USB UV is a sleek, compact penlight that provides ultraviolet (UV) light for detecting engine or HVAC leaks. The new light also includes a USB port that...

New Streamlight Tactical Light Boasts 2,200 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-09-2016

Streamlight Inc. has introduced its brightest addition to its ProTac family of lights, the ProTac HL 4, a high lumen (HL) flashlight that delivers 2,200 lumens of blinding white light. The “dual fue...

Streamlight Introduces Piggyback Charging For Strion Family Of Flashlights

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-16-2015

Streamlight Inc. announced that it has introduced its PiggyBack charging system to the company’s Strion family of rechargeable flashlights, giving users the security of having a fully charged spare ...

Streamlight Helps Light The Pathway To Stop Diabetes

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-03-2015

November is American Diabetes Month, and Streamlight Inc. is doing its part to shine a light on this serious health problem through sales of a specially marked Red Nano Light. A portion of sales p...

Streamlight Introduces 3AA Propolymer Dualie Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-21-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie, an intrinsically safe, multi-function flashlight. The company also launched a laser model of the same light, the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie La...

Streamlight's Offers USB Version Of High Lumen Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-17-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced a rechargeable version of the ProTac HL, the ProTac HL USB. Offering an incredibly bright 850 lumens, the new model uses three battery types, and includes a built-in US...

New Pink Model Of Streamlight Siege AA Lantern Benefits Breast Cancer Research Foundation

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-16-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced a pink version of its Siege AA ultra-compact lantern to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease. T...

Streamlight’s LED Light Delivers 1,100 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-30-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced the UltraStinger LED, which provides 1,100 lumens of blinding light and 65,000 candela for a far-reaching beam, is the most powerful model in the signature Stinger fami...

Streamlight Portable Power Unit Debuts

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-16-2015

Streamlight Inc. introduced the EPU- (Electronic Power Unit) 5200, a portable auxiliary power source designed to offer instant charge power for the company’s growing line of USB flashlight products....

Streamlight Launches Compact ProTac 1AAA Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-27-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced the ultra-lightweight ProTac 1AAA, the latest addition to the ProTac series of tactical handheld lights. The new light uses one easily sourced AAA alkaline battery, and...

Streamlight Launches Stinger HPL and Strion HPL

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-28-2015

New models deliver blinding lumens and hotspot illumination at a distance. Streamlight Inc. has launched the rechargeable Stinger HPL and Strion HPL (High Performance Lumen) lights, new high lu...

Streamlight Introduces Siege AA Lantern

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-06-2015

Streamlight Inc. has introduced a streamlined, compact version of The Siege lantern, the Siege AA. The cordless LED lantern, which uses easily sourced AA alkaline batteries, is ideal for a wide va...

Streamlight Sheds Light On Diabetes With Nano Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-14-2014

November is American Diabetes Month and Streamlight Inc. is doing its part to shine a light on this serious health problem through sales of its Red Nano Light. A portion of sales proceeds of the minia...

Streamlight Launches Waterproof Alkaline-Powered Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-12-2014

  Streamlight Inc. introduced a new intrinsically safe light, the 2AA ProPolymer HAZ-LO. The new alkaline-battery powered light, which features brighter C4 LED technology, is suitable for use in...

Streamlight Debuts Double Clutch USB

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-27-2014

Streamlight Inc. has introduced the Double Clutch USB, a compact, low-profile LED headlamp that is USB rechargeable, with optional battery back-up. The new light features both spot and flood beams —...

Streamlight's ProTac HL 3 Boasts 1,100 Lumens

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-29-2014

Streamlight Inc. has introduced the ProTac HL3, a high lumen (HL) light that delivers 1,100 lumens of bright white light. Designed for operations requiring maximum illumination, the programmable, lith...

Recent News

Streamlight Marks 13 Years Supporting Breast Cancer Research Foundation

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-07-2021

Streamlight Inc. has donated $22,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a not-for-profit organization seeking to prevent and cure breast cancer. According to 2021 BCRF esti...

Streamlight Renews Antron Brown Sponsorship

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-11-2018

Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting tools, renewed its sponsorship with Antron Brown, an American drag racer currently driving the Matco Tools Toyota for Don Schumach...

Streamlight Announces 2016 Battery Recycling Results

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-12-2017

Streamlight, Inc. announced that the company and several of its U.S. distribution partners recycled 16,508 lbs. of rechargeable batteries in 2016, exceeding its 2015 total by nearly 1,800 lbs. ...

Streamlight Unveils Enhanced Website with Responsive Design, Improved Navigation

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-09-2017

Streamlight Inc. recently launched its newly upgraded website,, featuring a sleek new look with a responsive design and state-of the-art navigation that works from any device – deskt...

Streamlight and Distributors Collect 14,713 Pounds of Rechargeable Batteries

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-29-2016

Streamlight, Inc. announced that the company and several of its U.S. distribution partners recycled 14,713 pounds of rechargeable batteries in 2015. Streamlight’s corporate headquarters and parti...

Streamlight Donates $75,000 To The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-10-2014

Streamlight Inc. recently contributed more than $75,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a not-for-profit organization with a mission to achieve prevention of and a cure for breast can...


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