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Autel Intelligent Technology Co.

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Phone: 631-923-2620Fax: 631-357-3304 175 Central Ave.
Farmingdale NY 11735

Recent Products

Autel Releases MaxiSYS, MaxiIM and MaxiCheck CAN FD Adapter

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-18-2021

Autel US released a CAN FD Adapter that connects to compatible Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCIs) to enable its tablets to communicate via the CAN FD (Flexible Data-Rate) communications protocol...

Autel Announces MaxiSYS Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics Tablet

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-19-2021

Autel US introduces the MaxiSYS MS909CV Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics tablet adding extensive hardware and software enhancements, including starting and charging system analysis softw...

Reduce Frame-to-Vehicle Setup Time with Autel IA800

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-12-2021

Autel US has released its IA800, Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning for its Standard ADAS Calibration frame that drastically reduces the setup time involved in frame-to-vehicle positioning prior to...

Autel Offers Comprehensive Key and Immobilizer Programming

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-17-2021

The IM608PROKPA is a comprehensive key and immobilizer programming package consisting of the 10.1-in. Android touchscreen tablet, XP400Pro key and chip programmer, the wireless JVCI J2534 pass-thru p...

Autel’s Total Care Program Launches for Diagnostic Tablets

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-10-2021

Autel US has released Total Care Program (TCP) subscription cards for the MaxiSYS Ultra, the MaxiSYS MS919 and the MaxiSYS MS909 available for purchase at any authorized Autel product dealer.  ...

Autel Offers Wi-Fi Tablet with Bluetooth VCI

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-20-2021

Autel’s MaxiBAS BT608 is a 5.5-in. Android-based touchscreen, Wi-Fi tablet with a Bluetooth VCI. The BT608 features the same dynamic battery and electrical system intelligent analysis capabil...

Autel Intelligent Tire Service & Diagnostic Tablet

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-02-2020

Autel US expands their tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) product line with the release of the Autel ITS600, the company’s next generation TPMS solution that includes service functions and esse...

Autel US Introduces Intelligent Battery/Electrical System Diagnostics Tool Line

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-21-2020

Autel US has introduced an Intelligent Battery and Electrical System Diagnostics tool line consisting of four new tools designed to aide technicians of every level to perform the most accurate form o...

Autel US Releases CAN FD Adapter for MaxiSYS, MaxiIM and MaxiCheck Tablets

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-17-2020

Autel US has just released a CAN FD Adapter that connects to compatible Vehicle Communication Interfaces (VCIs) to enable its tablets to communicate via the CAN FD communications protocol and diagnos...

Perform Radar, Night Vision Calibrations with Autel Mounting Plate Package

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-10-2020

The Autel MA600 Mounting Plate Package (MA600RAP) consists of a mounting bracket, mounting plate, mounting adapter and laser adapter plate. Once installed, the mounting plate enables the MA600 to...

Autel US Releases IM608 Pro Key Programming Bundle

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-03-2020

Autel US has announced that its new IM608Pro Key Programming Bundle is currently available for pre-order and will ship starting mid-August. The IM608PROKPA Key Programming Bundle is a comprehensiv...

Autel US Expands ADAS Calibration Coverage

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-09-2020

Autel U.S. has released three calibration expansion packages for its Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) calibration frame systems, the Standard Calibration System and the MA600 Mobile Calibrati...

Autel's All-in-One Key Programming and Diagnostic Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-09-2020

Autel’s MaxiIM IM608 is an advanced and unique all-in-one key programming and diagnostic tool that combines advanced key programming, all systems diagnostics and advanced services in one Android ba...

Autel Releases ADASCAL2 Expansion Pack

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-18-2020

Autel announces the release of the new ADASCAL2 expansion package, compatible with both their Standard Frame and Portable MA600 ADAS Calibrations systems. Containing seven new components, the ...

Autel MaxiSYS MA600CAL1 ADAS Expansion Package

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-28-2020

Autel’s newly released expansion package for its portable MA600 ADAS Calibration System extends the system’s calibration coverage from Lane Departure Warning (LDW), included in the standard packa...

Autel MaxiSYS ADAS MA600 Smarter Service Made Simple

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-31-2019

The Autel MaxiSYS ADAS calibration solution is now portable with the new MA600 system. This next generation ADAS calibration system is designed to support the changing needs of repair businesses. ...

Autel Announces New MaxiSYS ADAS Calibration System

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-28-2019

Autel announces the MA600, their new MaxiSYS ADAS calibration system. The new system is now more portable; a smarter service made simple, the easy-to-use MA600 frame folds and disassembles easily...

Autel Releases New Interactive Product Catalog

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-26-2019

Autel released digital versions of their product catalogs. The Full Tool Catalog, TPMS Catalog and ADAS-focused 12-page brochure can now be viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone. Files of the cata...

Autel MaxiSYS Delivers Diagnostic Intelligence

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-07-2018

Work smarter, not harder with the new Autel MaxiSYS. Get the powerful diagnostic intelligence provided by the new MS908S tablet, to instantly upgrade your diagnostic expertise. The new MS908S and ...

Autel 4-Channel Oscilloscope Features New Software for Easier Diagnostics

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-07-2018

Measure and test all modern vehicle electrical, electronic components and circuits with the Autel MaxiScope MP408. The PC-based four-channel automotive oscilloscope works in combination with your ...

Autel Releases 2 New Advanced Diagnostic Systems

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-07-2018

New to Autel are two advanced wireless diagnostic systems including the MaxiSYS MS908S and MS908S Pro. The MaxiSYS MS908S and MS908S Pro feature a high-quality 8 MP camera, two USB ports and up...

Autel Program Extends Tool Warranty, Software Subscription

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2018

Extend your Autel MaxiSYS Tool Warranty & Software Subscription for an additional year with the Autel Total Care Program (TCP). In addition to extending the limited warranty to cover device fail...

Autel Introduces Its Most Affordable Heavy-Duty Complete Service Tablet

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-23-2018

Autel announces its MaxiSYS MS906CV complete service tablet for HD service plus all systems diagnostics. The corded MS906CV provides AutoVIN/AutoSCAN features on all makes and all models from C...

Autel Asks ‘Why Buy a Second TPMS Tool?’

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-20-2017

  The MaxiSys MS906TS from Autel combines advanced diagnostics and complete TPMS functionality. The wireless Bluetooth MaxiVCI provides quick and responsive mobile scanning. From activa...

Autel Introduces Interchangeable Valve Stems for TPMS Sensors

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-31-2017

The exclusive Autel MX-Sensor patented press release valve design allows rubber and metal sensor valves to be freely interchanged by hand, without requiring a tool for sensor head fitting. Autel M...

Autel Releases 5 New AutoLINK Professional Service Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-16-2017

Autel has announced the addition of five new Autel AutoLINK professional service tools. One of the newest features for all five tools is the enhanced Auto VIN Identification to quickly scan and ide...

Autel Introduces TPMS and All-System Service Tablet Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-02-2017

Complete full-service projects faster with the new MaxiTPMS TS608 wireless Android-based 7” tablet tool from Autel. With three service modes available from the main screen, this new three-in-...

Autel MaxiCHECK MX808

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2017

Autel now offers its MaxiCHECK MX808 all service tool. This complete service tool provides a combination of the full systems diagnostics from the MD802 and the advanced service features from the Ma...

Autel Releases MaxiTPMS TS408 Tool, New Online Resource

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-27-2017

Autel has announced two new offerings: the Autel MaxiTPMS TS408 tool and the online resource. Autel says the new MaxiTPMS TS408 is the company’s most affordable color screen TPMS...

Autel Introduces a New Generation Complete TPMS Service Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-06-2017

Autel has announced the introduction of the Autel MaxiTPMS TS508K Premium Kit, the company’s newest TPMS service tool. It comes with eight of the new two-SKU Autel MX-Sensors. Autel says this...

Detect and Display TPMS System Faults with Autel MaxiTPMS

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-31-2016

The Autel MaxiTPMS TS501K offers functions that allow you to activate, diagnose, program and relearn a TPMS sensor. This packaged kit is an All-In-One solution for complete TPMS service repai...

Autel Offers Maximum Diagnostic Performance with Larger Tablet

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-15-2016

The Autel MaxiSYS MS908 was designed for the technician looking for maximum diagnostic performance with wireless mobility from a larger 10” touch screen tablet. Utilizing an A9 quad-core 1.4...

Perform Comprehensive TPMS Service with Autel MaxiSys

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-13-2016

MaxiSys MS906TS is the latest addition to the MaxiSys product line of advanced wireless diagnostic devices integrated with the TPMS antenna module. The device is based on the Android operating syst...

Autel's MaxiFlash Offers Dealer-Level Programming Capabilities

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-17-2016

The MaxiFlash Pro Reprogramming Tool from Autel offers customers reliability, fast performance and flexibility. Using the OEM software, this tool is capable of providing dealer-level programmin...

Autel's MaxiSYS Elite Offers Faster Processor, New Docking Station

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-29-2015

The MaxiSYS Elite is the latest addition to Autel’s MaxiSYS family of diagnostic tools. The new Elite features a faster processor, higher screen resolution, faster WiFi, longer battery life and A...

Record and Playback Live Data with Autel's MaxiSYS

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-29-2014

Built upon the foundation of the MaxiDAS DS708, the MaxiSYS from Autel has been built to offer the same qualities such as extreme ease of use, powerful ­diagnostic performance and much more, incl...

Recent News

CIMS Partners with Autel on Tire Registration Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-11-2021

CIMS Tire Registration and globally connected Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. have collaborated in providing the U.S. tire industry with Autel’s ITS600 diagnostic tool that directly connects to ...

A 'Locked In' TPMS Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-23-2021

Content contributed by Autel. When Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) tool and sensor manufacturers speak about tools that only program one brand of sensors, they use the term “locked.” An...

Autel Sponsors Garage Gurus 'Tomorrow's Top Techs' Scholarships

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-24-2021

Autel US announces its sponsorship of the Garage Gurus 2021-2022 Scholarship program and its continuing efforts to encourage and support the next generation of technicians. Twelve winners to be selec...

New Autel ADAS Informational Brochures

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-14-2021

Autel has created three new brochures featuring their latest ADAS products. Learn about the latest Autel ADAS advancements, including the IA800 Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System and revampe...

Autel IA800 Video Heralds  Release  of Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning System

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-31-2021

Autel US introduces the IA800, Intelligent ADAS Optical Positioning six-camera accessory package for use with its Standard ADAS Calibration frame. Autel releases the latest  video  illustrating t...

Autel Receives Certification by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-20-2020

Autel US announced today that starting June 1, 2020 its diagnostic scan tablets are certified by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles U.S. (FCA) to access the Secure Gateway Module on 2017 and newer FCA vehicle...

Pre-SCAN & Post-SCAN Software Now Available for Autel MaxiSYS 908 Tablets

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-02-2019

Pre- and Post- Scan reports are now available on the entire line of Autel’s MaxiSYS MS908 series tablets. Initially available only on the MS906TS, the collision-repair ready software documents ...

Autel Total Care Program Includes Year of Free Software Updates

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-15-2018

Autel announced a new sales promotion for the MaxiSYS Total Care Program (TCP) subscriptions. “We are listening to dealer feedback and adding new focus on the Digital Delivery method, so cust...

Autel Issues New TPMS Updates for TS508, TS608

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-25-2017

Autel has released two new TPMS updates for the TS508 and the TS608. The new releases include widened MX-Sensor vehicle coverage to include: Audi, Bentley, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, KIA, Land Rove...

Autel Announces Update for TS608 TPMS Diagnostic Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-26-2017

Autel announced a June update for its TS608 diagnostic tool. The update includes wider vehicle coverage, TPMS status and complete health check, and on-tool TPMS training. The update includes ne...


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