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A & E Hand Tools

Phone: 800-645-1142 5501 21st Street
Racine WI 53406

Recent Products

Lang Adds New Pry Bars

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-30-2020

Lang Tools has added a 45-in. pry bar to the already existing line of 12-in., 17-in., 25-in., 31-in. and 36-in pry bars. They are proudly manufactured in the USA and exceed ASME standards. Each p...

Knock Out Pins, Rivets with Lang's Extra-Long Pin Punch Set

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-17-2020

The new Lang Tools 3-Piece Extra Long Pin Punch Set (P/N 856-3ST) is manufactured in the USA and designed to place or knock out pins and rivets. Each pin punch is forged from hardened, high carbo...

2-Piece Hose Removal/Installer Set from Lang Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-18-2019

The new Lang Tools 2-piece Hose Removal/Installer Set (#854) is manufactured in the USA and features a rounded profile, which reduces the chances of gouging or puncturing hoses and mating connectors ...

Lang Tools Light-Duty Diesel Compression Tester Withstands High Pressure Testing

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-10-2018

The new Lang Tools Light-Duty Truck Diesel Compression Tester works on the most popular vehicles on the road. The gauge (0-1,000 psi; 0-70 bar) maintains the highest compression test reading and i...

Clean Carbon from Intake Valves with Lang Tools Fuel Injection Cleaner

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-14-2016

Lang Tools offers its Fuel Injection Cleaner (TU-470B) with two gauges that enable a technician to check the vehicle fuel pressure with the right-side gauge, and then easily set cleaning pressure ...

Service Late-Model Vehicles with Lang Tools Brake Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-20-2016

Lang Tools offers a variety of brake service tools. The Brake Bleeder Wrench (BBM-810A) is great for use on late-model cars with 8mm and 10mm six-point fittings. The 8mm end is designed to fit rece...

Lang Tools Offers Compression Tester Set

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-17-2016

The Lang Tools TU-30A Compression Tester Set from A&E Inc. tests compression on most domestic and import cars and light trucks with gasoline engines, including mini engines. The set include...

Get 1.5 Times the Torque with Lang Tools Finger Ratchet

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-03-2016

The innovative Lang Tools Finger Ratchet (5222) is an ergonomically designed tool to give the user at least 1.5 times the torque of competitive products, according to the company. This set includes...

Lang Tools Offers 4-in-1 Brake Caliper Press

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-03-2016

The Lang Tools 4-in-1 Brake Caliper Press (279) does the job of four different tools. This product was designed to work on various single, dual and quad fixed and floating calipers. With the cen...

Remotely Measure and Display Volts with Automotive Wireless Clamp Meter from Lang Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-14-2016

The Lang Tools CATIV Automotive Wireless Clamp Meter (13810) allows you to use your smart phone or tablet to view measurements wirelessly. The 13810 offers technicians the flexibility to choose...

Lang Offers Combination Internal/External Retaining Ring Pliers Set

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-16-2016

A&E Tools manufactures many retaining ring pliers right here in the USA under its own Lang Tools brand. This 12-Piece Combination Internal/External Pliers Set (3495) includes sizes 0.038, 0.047...

Lang Offers Cylinder Leakage Tester with 2 Gauges

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-13-2016

A&E / Lang Tools’ Cylinder Leakage Tester with two gauges measures the ability of an engine cylinder to hold compressed air using shop air pressure, supplementing a compression tester. The ki...

Lang Tools Offers CAT IV DMM

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-21-2015

Lang Tools offers the 13804 CAT IV Digital Multimeter. This kit features a high accuracy standard digital multimeter that is rated Cat IV 600/Cat III 1000V for HEV work. Great for fuel injector pul...

A & E Tools Introduces CAT IV Wireless Clamp

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-30-2015

Use your smartphone or tablet to view measurements wirelessly using the Lang 13810. It offers technicians the flexibility to choose from test lead measurements, a standard clamp head or a low amp clam...

A & E Tools Introduces Universal 6-in-1 Fan Clutch Wrench

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-20-2014

The new, innovative Universal 6-in-1 Fan Clutch Wrench (P/N 3406) from Lang Tools conveniently combines the six most commonly used wrench sizes into one double-ended wrench. The offset design provi...

Recent News

A & E Inc. Purchases Operating Assets of Zim Manufacturing

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-05-2017

A & E Incorporated, a privately held Racine, WI-based company, recently announced that they have purchased the operating assets of the Zim Manufacturing Company of Chicago. Zim Manufacturing, est...


Alert Stamping & Mfg. Co.

Alert Stamping logo
Phone: 440-232-5020Fax: 440-232-8417
Contact: Ralph Technow
24500 Solon Road
Bedford Heights OH 44146

Recent Products

New UV Flashlight from Alert Stamping

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-21-2020

Alert Stamping announces the company’s new UV flashlight. The KUV365 UV Curing Light provides 365nm for faster curing time and allows for repositioning before UV hardening. The KUV365 feature...

Alert Lights Up Your Summer Fun

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-19-2020

Updates to Spot Light # SPR10Z Include:  650 Lumens which shine up to 1600 feet in a long narrow beam pattern.4000 mAh, 3.7V Li-Ion battery. USB rechargeable with waterproof screw cap.Rated IP67...

Alert Stamping Offers Versatile Underhood Lighting

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-21-2020

Alert introduces the LHR5200 COB portable under hood light bar. Extending to 78 in. to clamp under large hoods, each 1,200-lumen light is detachable and has a fully articulating magnetic base. Th...

Alert Stamping Offers Weatherproof Reels

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-08-2020

Alert Stamping releases Weatherproof Reels, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. These NEMA 3R-rated reels bring electricity to vehicles for engine block heaters, on-board rechargeable/power outlets ...

Alert Stamping Offers Rechargeable Battery Pack Auto Hood Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-27-2017

  Alert Stamping offers the ProLite Professional LED Rechargeable Auto Hood Light. The light features 40 cool, energy-efficient LEDs with dual brightness, up to five hours of run time and ...

Alert Stamping Offers Tilt-and-Twist Battery-Operated Task Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-09-2017

  The KTB14S Tilt-and-Twist Battery-Operated Task Light from Alert Stamping features 14 SMD LEDs that produce 150 Lumens. The light’s head tilts 90° and rotates 360°. It features a...

Alert Stamping's 8W COB Light Features a 50’ Cord

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-13-2016

The 5050CL8 900 Lumen, 8W COB Light Reel from Alert Stamping features a 50’ 18/2 SJT cord, an integrated magnet and folding swivel hook. Soft comfort hand grips and a power “On” indicator...

Alert Stamping Offers Camouflage Pocket Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-06-2015

The 6 LED 60 Lumen Pocket Light (KTB6C) from Alert Stamping features a camouflage appearance, a pocket clip and a magnetic base. It operates on three AAA batteries, which are included. The KTB6c...

Alert Stamping Introduces Versatile Rechargeable Hood Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-01-2015

Alert Stamping’s new rechargeable SMD LED Hood Light offers dual brightness levels: 1,200 lumens on high and 700 lumens on low. Its bracket extends up to 88" and can stand on flat surfaces. The b...

20 Watt COB LED Rechargeable Floodlight with Tripod from Alert Stamping

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-29-2014

Alert Stamping introduces its 20-watt rechargeable COB LED floodlight with tripod (LFR20T), which offers 1250 Lumen 4800K, two brightness levels and a 6600 mAh Li-ion battery. A compact size for ti...

Recent News


Access Tools

Phone: 800-323-8324Fax: 305-635-1077 1628 NW 28th Street
Miami FL 33142

Recent Products

Access Tools Offers Roadside Service Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-17-2020

Access Tools’ Roadside Service Light is a multi-purpose portable work light and emergency hazard indicator for roadside service work and other automotive purposes. The light features a 500-lume...

Working in Low-Light Conditions? Check Out Access Tools' Smart Light

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-17-2019

Designed for working in low-light conditions at night or on vehicles with heavily tinted windows, the Access Tools Smart Light will help technicians see their work better. The light suction-c...

Access Tools Ultra Probe 3

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-11-2015

Access Tools has released a new powered multi-tester probe tool that gives the user the ability to perform a variety to automotive electrical diagnostic tests. The Ultra Probe 3 is an economically pr...

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Acme Automotive / Coilhose Pneumatics

Phone: 732-390-8480Fax: 732-390-9693 19 Kimberly Road
East Brunswick NJ 08816

Recent Products

Recent News


AirVANTAGE Tools, Inc.

Phone: 909-620-0788Fax: 909-620-0888 1966 W. Holt Ave.
Pomona CA 91768

Recent Products

New AirVANTAGE Electric Sanders from Prime Supply

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-15-2018

Since its introduction, the AirVANTAGE Low Profile (LP) Sander has been the benchmark for innovation, quality and value in the sanding industry, says Prime Supply, which looks forward to continuin...

AirVANTAGE Offers Ergonomically Designed Pneumatic Sanders

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-13-2017

  AirVANTAGE Advanced Series Pneumatic Sanders are ergonomically designed to deliver greater control, balance and comfort. Vacuum models feature a newly designed dual vacuum exhaust channel...

AirVANTAGE Tools Unveils Advanced Electric Series Sander with Brushless Motor

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-31-2016

AirVANTAGE Tools introduced the latest additions to its AirVANTAGE line: Advanced Electric Series Sanders. Advanced Electric Series Sanders feature a brushless motor with a patent-cooling design. ...

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Ajax Tool Works, Inc.

Phone: 800-323-9129Fax: 847-455-9242 10801 Franklin Avenue
Franklin Park IL 60131

Recent Products

Recent News


Alligator North America, Inc.

Phone: 855-573-6748 39111 West Six Mile Road, Suite 113
Livonia MI 48152

Recent Products

Recent News


American Forge & Foundry Inc.

Phone: 800-323-7402 300 Corporate Dr
Elgin IL 61023

Recent Products

Recent News


Anglo American Tools

Phone: 800-223-8600 403 Kennedy Blvd., P.O. Box 10
Somerdale NJ 08083

Recent Products

Nes Introduces Internal Thread Repair Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-22-2020

Nes introduces a solution to one of the most common and frustrating reoccurring problems in working with fasteners: stripped and damaged threads., 1-1/4–2-1/8 in. This one tool restores inch or...

Anglo American Enterprises General Industry Pliers Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-27-2019

The Anglo American Enterprises General Industry Pliers Kit (GRGK 500) contains 7 in. and 10 in. Omnium Grip, 5 in. and 10 in. curved jaws and 10 in. hose clamp pliers. The kit offers quick acce...

Anglo American Tools Offers New Time-Saving Tire Sensor Mounting Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-03-2016

The HAZET HZ668-1 Tire Sensor Mounting Tool from Anglo American Tools is designed to easily position small, rounded VDO REDI Sensors into their rubber containers. Once TPMS sensors are damaged ...

Easily Replace Steering Components with Spreader Tool from Anglo American Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-11-2016

  Anglo American Tools announces its newest product from KUKKO, the KK145-2 Spreader Tool made specifically for the automotive industry. The KK145-2 Spreader Tool is designed to easily remove and...

New Reversible 2-in-1 Adjustable Wrench from Anglo American Tools

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-20-2016

   Anglo American Tools announces its newest product range from IREGA, a specialist manufacturer of high-quality adjustable wrenches based in Spain. This range is available in four sizes and tak...

Recent News


Assenmacher Specialty Tools

Phone: 800-525-2943 6440 Odell Place
Boulder CO 80301

Recent Products

AST Wire Soldering Clamp

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-19-2019

This clamp tool from Assenmacher Specialty Tools is an ideal solution for holding wires in place during soldering. It is a second set of hands, clamping down onto wires from wither side of the to...

Assenmacher Specialty Tools 10-Piece Line Disconnect Set

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2018

Assenmacher Specialty Tools’ 10-piece Line Disconnect Set (AST 1018) is ideal for quick removal and replacement of fuel filters and fuel, oil cooler and transmission oil cooler lines. Made of an...

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Astro Pneumatic Tool Co.

Phone: 800-221-9705Fax: 877-318-2194
Contact: Dennis Dougherty
401 S. Park Avenue
Montebello CA 90640

Recent Products

Astro Tools Nano Impact Socket Wrench

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-22-2019

The Astro Tools ONYX ½ in. Nano MAX Impact Wrench offers 625 ft.-lbs. of maximum torque and 500 ft.-lbs. of working torque. The wrench has a short profile, one inch longer than the 1822 Nano mod...

Astro Pneumatic Compact Finishing Palm Sander

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2018

Astro Pneumatic’s 6” Finishing Palm Sander offers a 3/32” stroke for high-powered finishes and less operator fatigue. Weighing only 1.5 lbs., the sander has an orbital rotation, built-in spe...

Astro Pneumatic Unveils Comprehensive Riveter & Rivet Nut Setting Line

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-17-2016

Astro Pneumatic Tools launched its comprehensive Riveter & Rivet Nut Setting Line at SEMA. In 2016, Astro has introduced the PRN series of Pneumatic Rivet Nut Setting Guns, offering consume...

Astro Pneumatic Introduces ONYX Impact Ratchet Wrench

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-13-2013

The ONYX 3/8" Reactionless Impact Ratchet Wrench (P/N 1143) from Astro Pneumatic features a unique reactionless impact mechanism, which absorbs kickback and thereby prevents operator’s wrist fro...

Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. Offers Two-Way Ratcheting Oil Filter Wrench

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-23-2013

The Two-Way Ratcheting Oil Filter Wrench 60-80mm (2.36"-3.15") from Astro Pneumatic Tool Co. is designed to fit over and securely grip the end of a car’s oil filter like a socket. Using the Two-Wa...

Recent News


ATD Tools Inc.

Phone: 636-327-9050Fax: 636-327-9044 160 Enterprise Dr.
Wentzville MO 63385

Recent Products

ATD Tools Offers Handy A/C Bag Kit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-14-2017

ATD Tools offers its A/C Bag Kit (ATD-22). Included is the ATD-3502 R134a U-Charge Kit: brass dispensing valve with hose and R134a quick coupler for charging A/C systems using R134a cans with 1...

ATD Underhood Lights Fit New SUVs and Light Trucks

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-01-2016

The ATD-80356 SABER 2,000 Lumens Corded Underhood Light from ATD Tools, Inc. is a 40" light bar that provides maximum area illumination. The ATD-80357 features a removable cord, offering the ...

Recent News

ATD Tools Announces New President

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-04-2020

ATD Tools and The International Tool and Equipment Group (ITEG) announce that Darrel Reuss will join the organization as president effective June 22, 2020. Reuss will assume this role from Bill Robin...



Phone: 1-888-621-8767Fax: 734-591-1229 35990 Industrial Rd.
Livonia MI 48150

Recent Products

ATEQ Comprehensive TPMS Service Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-24-2019

The ATEQ VT56 is the all-in-one comprehensive TPMS tool with coverage for American, European and Asian vehicles. Its advanced features and functions provide complete TPMS management. Thanks to fr...

ATEQ's Alligator Dual-Band TPMS Sensor

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-30-2018

As a leader in TPMS tool technology, ATEQ is the first to introduce the Alligator dual-frequency sensor to the market; part No. 590887, 590886. Using ATEQ TPMS Tools, users can program senso...

ATEQ TPMS Releases Sync-ID, Increasing OBD Relearn Coverage

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-12-2018

ATEQ, a global provider of tire pressure monitoring system tools, announced the newest innovation in TPMS system relearn technology. ATEQ’s patented technology, called Sync-ID, will standardize ...

ATEQ TPMS Sensor Activator, Reader

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-01-2018

ATEQ TPMS Tools releases the VT31 TPMS sensor activator and reader to the North American market. The VT31 has the ability to accurately read tire pressure as well as all TPMS sensor information, i...

ATEQ TPMS Tools' VT31 Sensor Activator, Reader

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-11-2017

The VT31 from ATEQ TPMS Tools has the ability to accurately read tire pressure as well as all TPMS sensor information, including sensor ID, pressure, frequency, temperature and battery life. The too...

ATEQ Announces March 2017 TPMS Tools Software Update

by TechShop Staff Writers - 03-10-2017

TPMS Product(s): ATEQ VT36, VT56 The software update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections. ATEQ announces the new March updates fo...

ATEQ Introduces VT36 TPMS Sensor Activation and Programming Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-05-2016

  ATEQ introduces the VT36 TPMS sensor activation and programming tool. The ATEQ VT36 allows service providers to: • Activate and display all sensor data in seconds: ID, tire pressur...

ATEQ Launches New Tire Tread Depth Gauge Accessory

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-05-2016

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, has added the TTD (Tire Tread Depth) gauge to its newest line of TPMS tool accessories. With the TTD accessory connected to the VT56 TPMS Tool, technicians can now provide a compl...

ATEQ Offers Quick Lane TPMS Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-19-2015

ATEQ Corporation introduces the VT30, a do-it-all tool for any facility that is rotating and/or inflating tires. The VT30 kit is capable of reading 100% of TPMS sensors in the market for domest...

ATEQ’s TPMS Tool Adapts to Techs’ Needs

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-07-2015

The ATEQ VT56 is the first TPMS tool to offer a powerful and unique new TPMS relearn experience. According to the company, it’s the fastest and most advanced TPMS tool yet, and is designed to...

ATEQ Introduces Unique TPMS Tire Filling Gauge

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-03-2014

ATEQ Corporation has introduced an innovative product that will assist any technician when properly inflating tires. The ATEQ TPMS Tire Filling Gauge is a special tool with a very unique feature. O...

New ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool Is Intelligent, Intuitive and Totally Re-invented

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-07-2014

Technicians looking for a multi-function TPMS tool that helps them balance the important aspects of their work now have a new option. ATEQ has launched the ATEQ VT56 with an optional wireless printer ...

ATEQ Announces Huf 'IntelliSens' Configuring Capability

by TechShop Staff Writers - 02-18-2014

ATEQ Corporation announces the ability of its TPMS tools to configure the Huf IntelliSens tire pressure sensors. “Huf is an important supplier to the automotive industry for over 100 years and on...

ATEQ Announces Mitsubishi TPMS Reset Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-28-2014

ATEQ Corp., a global manufacturer of high-quality TPMS diagnostic tools, has announced the release of the new Mitsubishi TPMS re-learn module, the MitsuReset tool. According to ATEQ, until now, the ...

Coming Soon: The New ATEQ VT56 TPMS Tool

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-19-2013

Technicians looking for a multi-function TPMS tool that helps them balance the important aspects of their work will soon have a new option. Beginning in the spring of 2014, ATEQ will launch the AT...

The ATEQ VT55 OBDII TPMS Decoder/Activator Reprograms Asian And European Vehicles

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-06-2013

ATEQ Corporation introduces another innovative product that will make professional TPMS service quick and easy. For vehicles requiring an OBDII relearn, ATEQ's VT55 OBDII kit includes a universal O...

Recent News

ATEQ Announces Q4 Promotion

by TechShop Staff Writers - 11-14-2019

ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, a leader of TPMS Tool solutions for the OE, industrial and aftermarket industries, announces a new Q4 promotion for U.S. and Canada customers. Customers can obtain a free tir...

ATEQ Reveals SEMA 2018 Booth Vehicle

by TechShop Staff Writers - 09-22-2018

ATEQ TPMS Tools announced the SEMA 2018 booth vehicle that will used as a demonstration station and game for visitors at the booth. ATEQ TPMS Tools have once again partnered with Ireson Motorspor...

ATEQ Collaborates with Texas Shop Owner for TPMS Tools Giveaway

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-07-2018

ATEQ TPMS Tools and Jeff Buckley, owner of My Father’s Shop, will collaborate together on Facebook to give away two TPMS tools to high schools and technical centers or colleges during their Back...

ATEQ Releases VT56 Software Update

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-28-2018

A new version of software is now available for the ATEQ VT56, version DA1-26-20. New functions include: “Manual ID” function which allows users to manually enter TPMS sensor ID informa...

ATEQ: Educating Customers on Tire Tread Depth to Increase Bottom Line

by TechShop Staff Writers - 05-16-2018

Over time, it is normal for the tread on tires to wear. Checking the tread depth and wear on each tire will let you know when the tire needs to be replaced, or if other regular maintenance should ...

ATEQ Is Giving Away a TPMS Tool Every Friday in April

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-13-2018

April is National Car Care Month, and ATEQ is celebrating by giving away an ATEQ TPMS tool or accessory each week and sharing TPMS tech tips to help dealers and customers stay safe on the road. To...

TPMS Tech Tip: Why Do We Need To Program a TPMS Sensor?

by TechShop Staff Writers - 04-11-2018

When a TPMS sensor is damaged or the battery dies, it must be replaced by an OEM or aftermarket sensor. However, before the new sensor IDs can be relearned to the vehicle’s ECU, the aftermarket ...

ATEQ’s Latest Software Update Release Includes New Coverage for Infiniti, Tesla and More

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-22-2017

  ATEQ announces its latest software update — VT56 version Dx1-23-xx — which includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and corrections. Th...

ATEQ TPMS Tools Releases ‘How To Perform an OBD II Relearn Procedure’ Video

by TechShop Staff Writers - 07-24-2017

ATEQ TPMS Tools has released its new TPMS educational video on how to perform an OBD II TPMS relearn procedure on a 2016 Toyota Corolla. The video uses the ATEQ VT56 TPMS tool to reset the TPMS sy...

ATEQ Announces New June TPMS Tool Software Updates

by TechShop Staff Writers - 06-20-2017

  ATEQ has announced new June software release for the VT36, VT55 and VT56 TPMS tools. The update includes new OE coverage, improved programmable sensor coverage, new functionalities and co...

ATEQ Announces New 2017 Software Updates

by TechShop Staff Writers - 01-20-2017

ATEQ announces the new update for the ATEQ VT56 (DA1-18-11), VT55 (CA2-18-05) and VT36 (HA1-08-05). The latest technical release includes new 2016-2017 car models for OE sensor recognition and imp...

ATEQ TPMS Has Opened New Location in Metro Detroit

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-05-2016

Answering the demand for innovative TPMS solutions, ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC announces the opening of a new office location in Livonia, MI. ATEQ has been present in the Metro Detroit area since 1993. A...

TPMS Tool Demonstrations to be Held at ATEQ AAPEX and SEMA Exhibits

by TechShop Staff Writers - 08-24-2016

  ATEQ has exhibited at both SEMA and AAPEX since 2005 and expects this year to be the best year yet. Twenty ATEQ TPMS experts from around the world will be in attendance, speaking 11 la...

ATEQ TPMS Tools Launches New Website

by TechShop Staff Writers - 12-10-2014

  ATEQ TPMS Tools, LC, which supplies and manufactures TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) tools, announced the launch of its newly revamped This newly redesigned website o...

ATEQ Announces New Legal Name For TPMS Division

by TechShop Staff Writers - 10-02-2014

ATEQ, a provider of TPMS diagnostic tools, has announced a new legal name for its TPMS product division in the United States. ATEQ is a multi-national company with three product divisions. Effectiv...


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