Cal-Van Tools Amp Meter for Fused Circuits

Easily Take Amperage Readings with Cal-Van Tools Amp Meter for Fused Circuits

A tone lets you know when you’re touching a fuse, making working in under-the-dash fuse boxes much simpler.

Take amperage readings without having to access hard-to-reach components with the Amp Hound 2 amp meter from Cal-Van Tools.

Attach the convenient adapter to a fuse or just touch the probes to the top of the fuse.

A tone lets you know when you’re touching a fuse, making working in under-the-dash fuse boxes much simpler.

Works on new fuse types Mini-LP and Micro-Fuse, along with mini, standard and maxi fuses, with all of the most common ranges.

Get real-time readings of current and amps in a fused circuit without removing the fuse.

Special fuse adapters lock on to a fuse to give the user hands-free control.

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