CAT III Multimeters

CAT III Multimeters

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle service requires the proper equipment for safety.


If you’re like me, you’ve had your multimeter for years. It’s a high-quality brand and it works great.

But technology strikes again, and coming soon to a shop like yours is Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle service.

What that means is you’re going to need a lot of new safety equipment, and as you may have guessed, you’re going to need a new multimeter.

You’re going to need a CAT III multimeter, but what is that?

CAT III simply refers to the Category Safety Rating of the multimeter, and a CAT III 1000V multimeter is the minimum rating that can safely handle the voltage of an electric vehicle.

Most multimeters will have the rating indicated somewhere on the front but if you have any question, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

Remember that there’s more to this than just damaging a meter that’s not rated for the voltage. There’s potential for an arc blast or explosion when using the wrong meter, which can lead to personal injury or death.

And one more thing…the meter leads are also rated for the voltage so don’t switch them out with anything else.

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