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Fuel System FAQ

How do I test the wiring for the fuel pump on a vehicle? What are the symptoms of a clogged fuel filter? What are the signs of E85 contamination? What should I do when I install the new pump and it doesn’t work? Get the answers to these questions and more in this Fuel System FAQ.

Perform Transmission Fluid Service By ‘Severe Duty’ Change Interval

Improved lubricants have allowed service intervals to extend for many vehicles with automatic transmissions, utilizing “lifetime fluids.” Lifetime fluid recommendations are now 5-10 years or the life of the vehicle (100,000 miles) unless the vehicle is subjected to “severe duty.”

Ford Focus: Engine Vibration at Idle

Some Ford Focus vehicles may exhibit an excessive engine vibration when idle. The vibration is most noticeable when the transmission is engaged in reverse. This condition may be caused by small stones, road debris, ice or snow packed/lodged in the rear engine roll restrictor. Models: 2000-’11 Focus

Jeep: Tapping Sound After Engine Warm Up

Some customers may ­experience a tapping sound from the engine compartment after ­engine warm up. This bulletin involves the ­installation of a serpentine drive belt and a new design idler pulley using a revised belt routing. MODELS: 2007–’08 (KA) Nitro

Snap-on Introduces Software Upgrade 14.2

The latest upgrade helps professional technicians work at peak performance with new features such as One-Touch Code Scan and the addition of Porsche coverage with the optional European software. Upgrade 14.2 also includes new 2013 domestic and Asian model year coverage for Acura, Chrysler, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi vehicles.

The Total Wiper System Tune-Up

Wipers are an essential safety item on any vehicle. Performing a visibility tune-up is all about making sure the blades make the best possible contact with the windshield. It can also lead to

Measuring Maintenance Service Against The Competition

How well are you capturing the necessary maintenance work on each vehicle that arrives at your shop each day? Each week? Maybe you are quick to point out a dirty air filter, but gloss over those worn out wiper blades. It pays to keep track of each maintenance task for each vehicle you work on and notice trends over time. But even then, how many maintenance tasks should you expect to see each day? And, maybe more

Beyond the Warranty Maintenance Checklist

What happens after the bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties wear out? If you look at any factory-recommended service intervals, after 100,000 miles they cease to exist. What does it take to keep a vehicle going for 120,000, 180,000 or 250,000 miles? The key is maintenance and

2014 Miller BUILD & WIN Sweepstakes Offers Grand Prize of Unforgettable Sports Fan Experience

WE BUILD campaign celebrates welding projects built with Miller equipment.

Mitchell 1 Offers Live Training Sessions

Auto service professionals who would like assistance mastering Mitchell 1 solutions such as ProDemand can now join live training sessions that are offered through the new Get2Know Training Center section of the Mitchell 1 website.

Autel Announces the MaxiSYS Mini Automotive Diagnostic & Analysis System

The MaxiSYS Mini is an ultra-mobile solution for automotive diagnostics. It comes with a powerful A9 quad-core processor and comprehensive OE-level vehicle coverage. The multitasking Android operating system is capable of coding, adaptations, actuations and much more.

Florida Pneumatic Offers Torque-Controlled 1/2″ Impact Wrench with Digital Display

The FP-745TCI is a torque-controlled 1/2″ impact wrench to incorporate a graduated torque setting dial whereby the operator can select four specific torque settings in the forward direction. It also features built-in indicator lights to show the operator when the correct torque level is reached.