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Not a Pry Bar or Punch: Can We Have Too Many Tools?

Like many technicians, I try organize my tools, yet I still find myself looking for a way to make it better.

Not a prybar or punch
Working 9 to 5

We learn and expand our knowledge. We are challenged to be creative. We develop relationships with people.

Not a Pry Bar or Punch

This new column is written specifically for the auto technician, with a look at the lighter side of the job.

Highlights from the 2022 ISN Tool Dealer Expo

The trade show features all the latest technology and tool releases, and we talk directly with the tool manufacturers.

Dress for Success: Making a Good Impression

No matter how things change in the future, first impressions are everything. Those who make good ones will end up on top.

Worthy of Celebration

It’s a celebration for a united country that stands for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Fourth of July
A Star in the Family

I’ve always sought out the knowledge of those who have served, to hear their story. It’s my own version of patriotism.

top drawer-gold star family
Adapting to Adaptive Cruise Control

With ADAS features becoming standard equipment on new vehicles, techs might need to explain their usage to customers.

Super Bowl Commercials and the Chevy Nova

EVs are changing the auto industry, but it’s fun to look back at our favorite cars of the past.

State of the U-Joint

EVs are changing the auto industry, but as technicians, we are ready to meet the challenge.

Your Channel for Equipment, Tools and Supplies

You won’t have to adjust the antenna when you flip to TechShop. You’ll always get a clear picture.

Have a New Year’s Party at Work

New Year’s Eve party cancelled? As technicians, we live the New Year’s party every day in our jobs!