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The Diagnostic Turkey

With one more holiday coming up, we didn’t want you to miss this one!

The Humble Mechanic: Why Mechanics Never Throw Away Car Parts

There’s a handful of reasons why I just can’t bring myself to throw out a lot of the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years, but here are the main reasons I’m nearly a hoarder.

The Right Tools Make all the Difference

There’s a reason why I envision these projects to go quickly and it’s because I am visioning them using the proper tools.

Sean Donohue, publisher
The Top Drawer: Open Doors for an Auto Technician

A career as an auto technician develops skills beyond the bay, such as the understanding of a diagnostic process.

eric garbe
The Top Drawer: The Old Man & The Minivan

A chance meeting with a veteran is always an opportunity to thank them.

The Top Drawer: Reading the Unexpected

TechShop Managing Editor Eric Garbe learns some American History from an old set of books.

The Top Drawer: What’s the Secret?

TechShop Managing Editor Eric Garbe discusses the common topic of the technician shortage.

The Humble Mechanic: Should Repair Shops Be Open?

Charles talks about the recent pandemic and the automotive repair industry.

The Top Drawer: 2020 Vision

As technicians, we research, study, share and learn. My vision for 2020 is that the more I learn, the better things will get.

Top Drawer 2020 Vision
The Humble Mechanic: Good Tools, Bad Shop

Charles, the Humble Mechanic, encourages good technicians to work at the best shops.

Matco toolbox humble mechanic
The Top Drawer: Take Responsibility, Not Chances

It’s your job to take responsibility for your actions, no matter how much work it takes.

The Humble Mechanic: Do Expensive Tools Make You a Better Mechanic?

Charles provides his thoughts on which tools and equipment are worth spending a little extra on, and which ones you’re better off saving your hard-earned dollars.