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The Humble Mechanic: Should Technicians Have to Buy Their Own Tools?

So I ask you as a technician, should we have to buy our own tools?

Happy New Year from TechShop!

As we ring in the New Year with hope, we thank you for your loyal readership and wish a better New Year for you and your business.

5 Ways to Stand Out as a Technician­ – in a Good Way!

Learning to stand out in a positive way to our customers is a topic I’m super-passionate about. Here are a few pointers to help you and your team stand out. 1. Talk to Your Customers First and foremost, never be afraid to talk to customers. Whether it’s your customer or just a service customer in

The Humble Mechanic’s Top 5 Favorite Tools

I know you guys share your favorite tools in the Top 5 Tools column, so I thought it would be fitting to kick things off by sharing with you my Top 5 Favorite shop tools. And I snuck an extra one in there, so it’s really more like six.

Editor’s Notes: Are You Going to the AVI Conference, AAPEX or SEMA Shows?

    The 2014 AVI Conference Nov. 3 and 4 — which will feature more than 20 high-end technical and management classes — should be enough to get you to Vegas this fall, but while you’re there, you might be surprised at exactly how many learning opportunities there are specifically for service professionals. AAPEX, in

Editor’s Notes: The Love of Tools Is Shared Among Many

After the June/July issue of TechShop came out, I heard from an industry friend about my “Common Sense Tool Advice” column, which featured “fatherly advice” from my coworker Andrew Markel’s dad. Denny Mandeville, the owner and lead technician of Canyon Automotive in Sedona, AZ, and I have kept in touch over the years after meeting