Auto Diagnostic Codes
Rapid Digitization Means Different Diagnostics

Will the diagnostic focus of the future be changing?

Analyzing DTCs on a Neglected Nissan

No TLC meant multiple DTCs, including CAN communication and transmission codes.

Do Your Homework for Multiple DTCs

Complete and correct information is the foundation of proper diagnostics.

Tech using computer
Key Diagnostics and Programming

With remote fobs and proximity keys on more vehicles, diagnosing and servicing them is becoming an essential skill.

key programming
‘It Won’t Come Out of Park!’

A voltmeter and scanner help diagnose the problem on a Land Rover with DTCs P0933 and P0936.

Drive-Thru Diagnostics

Crank position sensor failure is common on VR6 engines. Mine died on my R32 while I was stopped at the drive-thru.

Diagnose, Repair, Repeat

An expert approach to a vehicle that would not cooperate.

A Diagnostic Time Machine

Increase your efficiency with simplified initial core diagnostics.

P0420: A DTC Breakdown

A closer look at a common code, DTC P0420.

Golf R Complete Diagnostic Scan

Taking a vehicle scan to the next level with the best VCDS scan.

Maximizing Tools: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Can a classic misfire be diagnosed by analyzing pressure transducer waveforms?

maximizing tools cylinder head damage
The Code Reader

Diagnostic Trouble Code: P0171 System Too Lean Bank 1, P0174 System Too Lean Bank 2 No time to read this article? Listen to it instead! When: DTCs P0171 and/or P0174 are stored when the control unit recognizes that there is too much oxygen in the exhaust based upon readings from the oxygen sensor(s). Why: In