Auto Diagnostic Codes
Transmission Diagnostics

A full-function scan tool is the most valuable tool you can have, especially when it comes to transmission diagnostics.

Difficult Diagnostics: A Rough Running Toyota

Difficult repair-ability did not stop the owner of a Toyota from having serious engine repair done.

Diagnosing a 2006 GMC 2500HD with a P0342 DTC

When a GMC 2500HD had DTC P0342, we pulled the wiring diagram and our scan tool to solve the no-start.

Utilizing Pressure Transducer Waveforms to Diagnose a Misfire

Can a classic misfire be diagnosed by analyzing pressure transducer waveforms?

TPMS Diagnostic Strategy, Check

If you find a tire pressure sensor isn’t functioning, the natural assumption is the sensor is the problem, but is it?

The Humble Mechanic: Diagnosing Tiguan TPS Codes

Charles explains common throttle position sensor codes on a Volkswagen Tiguan.

check engine light symbol
Developing a Consistent Diagnostic Approach

What’s your approach to check engine light diagnosis? It’s your routine that defines your success.

A DTC, A Scope and Fundamental Electrical Knowledge

Something out of the ordinary was happening on a customer’s Ford Fusion, and it was time to scope it out.

TPMS Diagnostic Tips

The most significant leap forward has been the evolution of the dedicated TPMS tool.

An Analysis of Battery Voltage and Current Waveforms

Diagnosing an illuminated AWD malfunction warning lamp.

Diesel Diagnostics: Intermittent Loss of Power on a VW

After scanning this VW Turbo Diesel, the vehicle revealed several codes, but no direct “smoking gun.”

Scanner Data Helps Diagnose a Kia

A technician utilizes his scan tool to diagnose a hard engagement complaint.