Change is Coming, Join the Ride

Change is Coming, Join the Ride

TechShop has launched two new video series, and one video podcast series.

You’re probably looking at my picture right now and wondering, who the heck is that?

If that’s the case, let me take the time to properly introduce myself. Hi, I’m Nadine Battah and I’m the new editor of TechShop!

First, I’d like to thank Jennifer Clements for all her contributions to TechShop over the years. I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but I’m up for the task!

If you’re wondering how I got here, I’ll share a little bit about myself. I joined Babcox Media in 2020 as an editorial intern for the ShopOwner brands. I began to learn a lot about the automotive industry and became completely intrigued with it while assisting in video productions in our garage studio.

After graduating from Kent State University with a journalism degree in 2021, I eagerly accepted the full-time position as associate editor of ShopOwner, then just a couple months later was named multimedia senior editor of the brand.

At the beginning of this year, I was named editor of TechShop, and, since then, I’ve been working nonstop to provide fresh and relevant content to you all!

Last month kicked off the annual tool shows that TechShop attends every year, and this was my first experience at shows like this! It was the perfect opportunity for me to immerse myself in the tool and equipment world.

Attendance was great, and it was the perfect time for me to meet many of our industry experts, as well as take in the impressive display of new tools and equipment that’s available to help make technicians successful today and propel them into the future. At TechShop, it’s our goal to highlight these new tools, and new innovations in the best way possible.

At Babcox Media, we specialize in multimedia content. Whether it’s print, video or podcasts, we have you covered. So, this year with TechShop, we’re excited to introduce our new multimedia content with two new video series, and one video podcast series.

Our first video series to debut is TechShop’s Striking Point, with two monthly episodes. We know your time is valuable, so these short videos get right to the point, highlighting tool and equipment trends, combined with an educational focus on technology that brings you solutions to address the growing complexity of vehicle repair. Education and training are the “STRIKING POINT” of having success in today’s shop environment!

Our second video series is TechShop’s Reveal, a 30-second product video enhanced with 360-degree photography, graphics and audio information showcasing the newest and most innovative products.

Lastly, we’ll soon be debuting the TechShop Striking Point video-podcast series. This monthly episode will extend the conversation on the topic of tools and technology with industry experts to bring insightful solutions directly to you, whenever and wherever you want to listen.

Eric Garbe, a familiar face you’ll still see, will join me on this exciting journey of providing new multimedia content to you all. We’re really looking forward to having you view our new ventures, and we especially can’t wait to hear what you think about them. Feel free to drop us a line! TS

Watch the first Striking Point video podcast episodes here.

Watch the first TechShop Reveal here.

Watch the first couple of Striking Point videos here.

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Many jobs require special tools. Sometimes you absolutely need them, and sometimes you can get away without. The buying decision involves multiple factors: How expensive is the tool, how often will you do the job, how hard is it without the special tools and is quality affected adversely if you don’t use them?Often the question is answered by doing a job once, maybe getting it done successfully, but deciding you won’t do it again without the special tools. One of those jobs for me is fuel line repair, either repairing nylon lines or replacing rusted metal lines with nylon.There are only a few special tools that come into play, but they work so well they almost make the job fun. The first one you’ll always use is a special cutter for the nylon tube. It’s like a custom-made razor knife, but it makes a clean cut, leaving no pinching or burrs.Any work with nylon fuel lines is simple in nature and comes down to measuring the line, cutting it, and installing the end fittings, but installing the end fittings can be the tough part. Without the proper tools, way too many times I’ve found myself warming the end of the nylon tube in hot water, then trying to push a fitting in by hand. It works, almost, but it’s not easy. I say almost because I’ve kinked plenty of lines and had to start over, and the best I’ve ever done is getting a fitting in 80% of the way, but not having the strength or grip on the line to go the rest of the way.Now I have all the special tools, and I love this work. My favorite tool for this job is called a hose press or a hose assembly press, and there are multiple different ones available. These are designed for bench operation for installing any type of hose fitting into hose. What makes them work so efficiently for nylon fuel lines is adapters that allow you to clamp the nylon line in the vise on one end and use multiple jaw options to hold the fitting you are working with in the other. With both pieces clamped in place, rotating a screw between the two vises draws them together, and the nylon line is effortlessly pushed onto the fitting.Of course, sometimes you’re doing a repair on the car, but there’s a variation that makes this just as easy. There’s a handheld tool that performs the same job as a hose press but works similar to a caulking gun. It’s not as convenient overall as the press, but it allows you to do a repair on the vehicle.Finally, there’s a special tool for the mini crimp-clamps that finish the installation. For fuel line repair, I answered the questions easily. The tools weren’t that expensive, and even though I don’t do it all the time, it’s absolutely no fun without them and quality can be adversely affected. Quality is number one with me. Bring on the fuel lines. TS

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