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Chicago Pneumatic Unveils 3/4-in. Impact Wrench

The new CP7769 is more compact, ergonomic and 7 percent lighter than its predecessor and helps to improve users’ efficiency and comfort.


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Chicago Pneumatic launched its next generation ¾ in. impact wrench for use in MRO, general mechanic and medium and heavy vehicle repair applications that demand high torque tools. The new CP7769 is more compact, ergonomic and seven per cent lighter than its predecessor and helps to improve users’ efficiency and comfort.

“Our expertise has allowed us to develop an unrivaled ¾ in. impact wrench: it is lightweight, small, with better power controls whilst delivering outstanding performance. It really is the perfect tool for professionals who are looking for a more pleasant and enjoyable everyday use,” said Yann Pasco, global business development manager for vehicle service at Chicago Pneumatic.

The CP7769 wrench provides users with up to 1440 ft.-lbs. (1950Nm) of maximum torque while being just 7.9 in. in length and 8.7 in. in height, allowing the user easy access to areas where maneuverability is limited. To enhance flexibility further, the tool features a 360o-swivel air inlet which facilitates the connection to airline. The new ¾ in. impact wrench is designed with a twin hammer mechanism to provide the operator with a durable and efficient tool, enabling mechanics and vehicle service professionals to increase their uptime and productivity.

Chicago Pneumatic has developed its new tool for users’ comfort in mind and, all controls, including a variable speed trigger, are within reach. The operator can change between forward and reverse in addition to adjusting the power with one hand, and in any position, which reduces fatigue on operator’s wrist and arm.


The new CP7769 features a socket retainer ring combined with hole retainer which reinforces safety. It also has a composite motor housing which contributes to the tool’s light weight. The new impact wrench is also available in a 6 in. anvil and a 1 in. versions.

Link: Chicago Pneumatic

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