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Top 5 Tools: Stan Hannah, Singleton’s Auto, Canton, NC

Stan Hannah, Master Tech Singleton’s Auto Canton, NC     Customized Matco Tools Tool Cart – Having tools mobile saves time running to the box. Milwaukee Cordless Tools – Best cordless set I ever had, and the same battery for all is a bonus. Identifix – Best online tech help around hands down. Matco Tools Pocket

Top 5 Tools: Pierre Kiti, Woodside Automotive, Lakeside, CA

Pierre Kiti, Manager Woodside Automotive Lakeside, CA   Autel MaxiSYS Mini 905 – Great all-around diagnostic scan tool. Power Probe 3 – I love this tool for electrical work. Snap-on Tools Dual 80 3/8” Ratchet – Perfect for all types of repair work. Mountain Ratcheting Wrenches – Extra-long, flexible head spline wrenches that are very

TPMS Update: Strategy of TPMS Diagnostics

There are a number of factors that can cause a TPMS warning light to illuminate or flash – and some are hard to uncover. Technical Editor Larry Carley takes us through the strategy of TPMS diagnostics.

U0100 Code: ECM/PCM Communication

In this Pulling Codes case, we document a U0100 code – a no communication issue with the PCM on a 2010 Dodge Caravan. With scan tools and scopes, contributor Carlton Banks diagnoses and solves the vehicle’s mysterious issues.