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Top 5 Tools: Stan Hannah, Singleton’s Auto, Canton, NC

Stan Hannah, Master Tech Singleton’s Auto Canton, NC     Customized Matco Tools Tool Cart – Having tools mobile saves time running to the box. Milwaukee Cordless Tools – Best cordless set I ever had, and the same battery for all is a bonus. Identifix – Best online tech help around hands down. Matco Tools Pocket

Top 5 Tools: Pierre Kiti, Woodside Automotive, Lakeside, CA

Pierre Kiti, Manager Woodside Automotive Lakeside, CA   Autel MaxiSYS Mini 905 – Great all-around diagnostic scan tool. Power Probe 3 – I love this tool for electrical work. Snap-on Tools Dual 80 3/8” Ratchet – Perfect for all types of repair work. Mountain Ratcheting Wrenches – Extra-long, flexible head spline wrenches that are very

TPMS Update: Strategy of TPMS Diagnostics

There are a number of factors that can cause a TPMS warning light to illuminate or flash – and some are hard to uncover. Technical Editor Larry Carley takes us through the strategy of TPMS diagnostics.

U0100 Code: ECM/PCM Communication

In this Pulling Codes case, we document a U0100 code – a no communication issue with the PCM on a 2010 Dodge Caravan. With scan tools and scopes, contributor Carlton Banks diagnoses and solves the vehicle’s mysterious issues.

Top 5 Tools: Eric Gorzynski, E.G. Automotive, Pasadena, CA

Eric Gorzynski, owner E.G. Automotive Pasadena, CA   KTS340 Bosch Scanner VCDS Diagnostic Software Ammco 3850 Brake Lathe Autel EB301 Electric Brake Service Tool GoPro Video Camera   Submitting your favorite tools is easy. Just click here for the entry form.

Top 5 Tools: Anastacio Arellano, A & A Autocare, Ceres, CA

Top 5 Tools of Top Technicians   Anastacio Arellano, Technician/Owner A & A Autocare Ceres, CA   Snap-on Scanner I use it to check codes and do diagnostics. This makes it really easy … really dependable.   GearWrench Ratchet Nice and dependable tools, easy to use around small areas.   Power Probe Nice tool. Easy

The Impact and Importance of Compressed Air – Choosing, Maintaining Your Compressed Air System

Compressed air is the energy source for most shop equipment and many tools. Inadequate airflow or pressure interrupts work flow just like an electric power outage would. Here’s some advice for choosing and maintaining your compressed air system.

5 Things To Look For When Making Large Equipment Purchases

Managing Editor Tim Fritz gives us the Top 5 attributes to look for when purchasing five of the largest pieces of shop equipment – alignment machines, brake lathes, lifts, tire changers and wheel balancers.

Maximizing Tools: It’s Just A Phase; Oscilloscopes Help Find Intermittent or No-Code Problems

As cars become more technologically advanced, the number of electronic units, sensors and actuators steadily increases. However, control modules may not recognize all faults. In order to accurately and correctly diagnose problems, it may be necessary to rely on data from a DMM or an oscilloscope.

Top 5 Tools: Adam Freeman, C and G Auto

Here are the Top 5 Favorite Tools of Adam Freeman, the lead technician at C and G Auto in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Liquid Tools: Choose Your Maintenance Chemicals Based On The Application

The shelves in most parts stores are stocked with an abundance of aerosol maintenance products – everything from cleaners to lubricants. The huge selection of products can be overwhelming, leading to confusion about which product you should purchase for a given application.

TPMS Update: Servicing Imports Starts with the Right Tools

There is only one trick to servicing TPMS systems in imports, and that is to buy the right tools. A TPMS tool that can interface through the OBD II port is necessary to profitably perform TPMS relearns and sensor replacement. For this article, we’ll use Nissan as an example. TPMS systems began appearing in Nissans