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Diesel Diagnostics: Intermittent Loss of Power on a VW

After scanning this VW Turbo Diesel, the vehicle revealed several codes, but no direct “smoking gun.”

Choosing Tire & Wheel Service Equipment to Enhance Profitability

Tire and wheel service covers a range of items that provide opportunities for shops to enhance their profitability. Choosing which services a shop wants to provide will determine where the shop owner should make his or her capital investments.

Editor’s Notes: Google Reviews & SEO

When optimizing your shop’s site on potential customers’ search results, Google sets the rules. Did you know that even the reviews your shop receives from customers factor into your SEO?

Google and SEO
December TechShop Digital Edition Is Now Available

View the digital version of the December 2017 issue of TechShop now.

The Humble Mechanic: Proper Tool Usage Versus Getting the Job Done

Charles shares a few things that he keeps in mind when weighing whether or not to use a tool exactly as it was intended or do to just get the job done.

Charles Sanville
Power Up with Today’s Pneumatic Tools

When purchasing a new pneumatic tool, look for one that is well-balanced and provides an excellent power-to-weight ratio. In addition to reducing operator fatigue, better weight distribution makes working in confined spaces much less awkward.

Maximizing Tools: No-Pressure Nissan Won’t Start, Gushes Exhaust Gases

This month’s Maximizing Tools involves a Nissan that was towed into the shop as a no-start. The engine stalled while driving and would not restart. See what DTCs were pulled and how our experts diagnosed this vehicle.

Lift Your Shop’s Profit Potential; Align It with Your Goals

When investing in major equipment, such as a lift or alignment machine, quality and efficient service are essential features. This article highlights some of the attributes to keep in mind before your next purchase.

Pulling Codes: Troubleshooting Honda CR-V DTC P2122

Pulled a DTC P2122 on a 2012 Honda CR-V? Check out this troubleshooting guide.

Editor’s Notes: How Facebook Advertising Can Work for Your Shop

“With a few clicks, you can share a promotion or advertise your shop with a budget and timeframe that you control.”

Keeping Your Shop’s Temperature Under Control

Keeping the work area comfortable in all kinds of weather is important for maintaining technician productivity and controlling the business’s energy bills.

Maximizing Tools: Diagnosing a Common Rail Diesel Engine

Our contributors diagnose a hard cold start, blue smoke from the tailpipe, engine shake or miss, increased fuel consumption and decreased power on a 2003 Opel Vivaro.