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TPMS Quick Tip: NHTSA Scenarios Part 1

If a motorist is made aware of an inoperative TPMS sensor and declines to purchase a new one, does the service provider knowingly make the system inoperative and violate 49 USC 30122(b) by removing the dead sensor and replacing it with a snap-in rubber valve stem?

Humble Mechanic: Rules for Tools

Here are six rules that you should be following if you’re borrowing tools.

Automotive Welding: Understanding 3 Types of Welding

Understanding the basic principles of each type of welding helps define which process is best for your job.

Diesel Diagnostics: CKP Failures

The CKP (Crankshaft Position Sensor) is necessary for an electronically controlled diesel engine to even start.

Humble Mechanic: Tips for Powered Test Lights

Not only do they work as a test light so you can check fuses, power and ground, but you can also apply power and ground.

Under Pressure: Airing Out Compressor Options

There are more and more compressors showing up on the market every day, giving us a lot to think about when it’s time to get one.

Maximizing Tools: 4th Time’s a Charm – DTC P0340

The saying goes that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Apparently, this was not the case for a Mitsubishi Eclipse 2.4 2003 4G64 that showed up with a complaint of a rough running condition and a no-start when warm.

August TPMS Quick Tip

Always be sure to visually inspect both sides of the wheel at the valve stem hole and thoroughly clean any corrosion from the surface before installing the new sensor.

Humble Mechanic: Socket Storage Tips

From socket sets to foam inserts, there are many ways to store your sockets. Charles discusses a variety of options to keep you organized.

Advanced Storage Solutions

Efficient operation happens when you have efficient organization, and efficient organization is the result of efficient storage.

Tool Truck Drivers: Owning a Tool Franchise

Professional Tools. Professional Facts. You Ask The Questions, We Get The Answers.

Humble Mechanic: Important Tools, Tips for Clutch Replacement

Replacing the clutch set is a pretty straightforward job, yet over the years, I’ve seen a lot of bad practices.