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A DTC, A Scope and Fundamental Electrical Knowledge

Something out of the ordinary was happening on a customer’s Ford Fusion, and it was time to scope it out.

The Humble Mechanic: Replace a Leaking Valve Cover Gasket

Charles shows our technician readers how to replace a valve cover gasket to fix an oil leak.

Air Apparent

Air tool and equipment maintenance may not be obvious but ignore it and it’ll become apparent that you shouldn’t have.

TPMS Quick Tip: Managing Mercedes-Benz Inflation Assumptions

With almost all M-B vehicles, use an auto relearn procedure that is activated by menus in the instrument cluster.

Scanner Data Helps Diagnose a Kia

A technician utilizes his scan tool to diagnose a hard engagement complaint.

Analyzing DTCs on a Neglected Nissan

No TLC meant multiple DTCs, including CAN communication and transmission codes.

Do Your Homework for Multiple DTCs

Complete and correct information is the foundation of proper diagnostics.

Tech using computer
Tips for Purchasing Diagnostic Tools

Here are a few considerations for selecting a diagnostic tool.

code reader
Key Diagnostics and Programming

With remote fobs and proximity keys on more vehicles, diagnosing and servicing them is becoming an essential skill.

key programming
‘It Won’t Come Out of Park!’

A voltmeter and scanner help diagnose the problem on a Land Rover with DTCs P0933 and P0936.

Torque & TPMS: What Technicians Need To Know

Torquing shouldn’t be considered an extra step; it is more about performing a step completely.

Drive-Thru Diagnostics

Crank position sensor failure is common on VR6 engines. Mine died on my R32 while I was stopped at the drive-thru.