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Electricity Explained, Part 2: Using Electrical Testing Equipment

In this second part of our series, Matt Roda dives into using a digital multimeter for measuring volts, amps and ohms.

Maximizing Tools: Big Consequences of a Small Problem

When the brake pedal was pressed, the park lamps illuminated along with the stop lamp. The opposite was also true. Find out the reason for this VW’s errant behavior.

Finding Leaks: The Latest in Leak Detection Equipment

Managing Editor Eric Garbe reviews current technology in automotive leak detection, and also discusses useful leak detection procedures.

TPMS Quick Tip

Here’s a quick tip to keep in mind when working on vehicles equipped with indirect TPMS.

tire pressure monitoring system
Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning: Scan Tools Collision Repair

Scanning has become a necessary step to determine whether all the sophisticated electronics and safety features in today’s high-tech vehicles are functioning properly — before and after the repair.