August/September 2014 Archives - TechShop Magazine
Pulling Codes: Good Guys Vs. Bad Guys

In the world of automotive module-to-module communication, Code U0100 can mimic a good guy/bad guy situation — the good guy has made an attempt to communicate with the bad guy and the bad guy does not respond.

TPMS: Weighing The Options

The topic of TPMS continues to be an often asked about one. This article delves into the background on some popular sensors, servicing them and the tools that make the job a lot easier.

Analyzing Cylinder Pressure Waveforms, Part 2

In Part 2 of this Maximizing Tools series, we continue our discussion of alternative approaches to diagnosing an engine using the pressure waveforms from an in-cylinder pressure transducer. In this article we analyze the Valve Timing and Ignition Timing tabs on the waveforms.