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Do Your Homework for Multiple DTCs

Complete and correct information is the foundation of proper diagnostics.

Tech using computer
Tips for Purchasing Diagnostic Tools

Here are a few considerations for selecting a diagnostic tool.

code reader
Key Diagnostics and Programming

With remote fobs and proximity keys on more vehicles, diagnosing and servicing them is becoming an essential skill.

key programming
The Humble Mechanic: Squeal! Grind! Clunk! How to Fix Brake Noise

A proper brake inspection, some common causes for brake noise and some steps that may get overlooked.

Top 3 TPMS Installations That Cost Time and Money

Programmable sensors and auto location are two examples of features that offer many benefits but may require extra steps during service.

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Looking at Alignment – From a Few Different Angles

Independent shops that are investing in modern alignment equipment are quickly realizing the profit potential that it offers.

Car wheel alignment