CTA Offers Piston Ring Compressors

CTA Offers Piston Ring Compressors

These piston ring compressors feature an enlarged crimped edge to prevent the compressor from entering the cylinder.

CTA Manufacturing Corp. is offering three new piston ring compressors in the following sizes:

#4021 – Application: Passenger Cars. Depth: 3″ (75mm). Range: 60 – 175mm.

CTA #4021 – Piston Ring Compressor 3”

#4023 – Application: Cars/Light Trucks. Depth: 4″ (mm). Range: 60 – 175mm.

CTA #4023 – Piston Ring Compressor 4”

#4024 – Application: Tractors/Diesel Trucks. Depth: 6″ (150mm). Range: 60 – 175mm.

CTA #4024 – Piston Ring Compressor 6”

These piston ring compressors feature a ratchet mechanism with square drive tools to adjust diameter, an enlarged crimped edge to prevent the compressor from entering the cylinder and a spring steel construction with a double-band design.

For more information, www.ctatools.com.

CTA Manufacturing Corporation
Phone: 201-896-1000Fax: 201-896-1378
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