CTA Mfg. Offers Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench

CTA Mfg. Offers Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench

The internal torque limiting device prevents over-tightening of caps when re-installing housing caps.

CTA Manufacturing Corp. introduces its Torque Limiting Ratchet Wrench (#8930) for use in installing oil filter housing caps with 35Nm (25.81 ft.-lb.) (309.78 in.-lbs.) torque specifications, found in many Asian and domestic vehicles.

The internal torque limiting device prevents over-tightening of caps when re-installing housing caps. Soft grip handle and blue color indicates it is for 35Nm (Red handle #8940 is for 25Nm) applications.

Torque accuracy: ±4%.

Length: 11.5″ (290mm). Drive: 3/8″.

For more info: www.CTATools.com

CTA Manufacturing Corporation
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