Drywall Pro’s Invention Becomes a Hit with Auto Painters

Drywall Pro’s Invention Becomes a Hit with Auto Painters

We love how inventive people are! Here's a great story of someone who developed a tool auto repair techs can use too!

Editor’s Notes:

We wanted to share this article from our sister publication BodyShop Business. We love reading about how inventive people are and it’s great when someone from outside our industry develops something that auto repair techs can use too!

Shadrach Gibson, a drywall contractor, landed a big job where he had to refinish acoustic ceilings without touching the walls. The job involved masking with a lot of plastic sheeting, but he didn’t like any of the solutions on the market to do this. So he set to work in his garage and came up with a new tool.

When Gibson started marketing the DoubleTaper (the clever name he came up with for the tool), it went viral online and he discovered that auto body refinish technicians were finding it useful to mask vehicles for painting.

Check out Gibson’s tool invention story HERE.

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