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Electronic Specialties Spoon Probe Back Probers Allow Better Contact Around Connector Pins

The curved shape of the probe allows better electrical contact and fitment when back probing round connector pins.


Electronic Specialties introduces the No. 616 Spoon Probe Back Probers. The Spoon Probe is designed to back-probe round electrical connectors, especially weather pack style. The curved shape of the probe allows better electrical contact and fitment when back-probing round connector pins.

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This product is a great option when non-intrusive diagnostic testing is required. You’ll be able to tap readings and waveforms with your DMM or scope without damaging electrical connectors and harnesses.

The Spoon Probe connects to standard size 4mm banana plug test leads, such as those included with many test lead kits. Therefore, if you already have a test lead kit, this will be compatible with your existing set.  For example, Spoon probe connects with ES part number 142-1.

Keeping the right test adapters on hand can save valuable time and avoid false readings. The maximum test current is 10 Amps. The 616 is sold as a set of two clips. Applications include automotive, industrial, HVAC, electrical, marine and more.

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