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Eliminate Time-Consuming Motor Removal with Thexton’s PowerUP

Diagnose electrical problems by isolating the desired circuit, preventing damage to the upstream circuit. This tool eliminates the need to remove motors from the vehicle to perform a “bench test.” Terminal attachment assemblies are included.


Thexton PowerUPThe 807 PowerUP Tester from Thexton Manufacturing Company is designed to aid the technician in diagnosing electrical problems that energize motors, solenoids or lamps by isolating the desired circuit. This tool eliminates the need to remove motors from the vehicle to perform a “bench test.”

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Simply disconnect the desired circuit, choose the correct adapter for the application, hookup the PowerUP Tester and press the switch. It the desired circuit is activated, then the user must move down to a different part of the circuit to identify the problem. If the desired circuit does not activate, then the user should replace the defective circuit.

Benefits include:

  • Eliminates time consuming need for tech to remove motor to perform bench test.
  • Isolates circuit to single out component, preventing damage to upstream circuit.
  • Circuit protected.
  • Rechargeable, 12V Lithium Ion Battery
  • Momentary switch to prevent continuous draw on circuit.

Included with the PowerUP Tester are: terminal attachment assemblies: Insulated Alligator Clip Assembly and medium-sized round terminal assembly (for Deutsch, evaporative emissions solenoid and horn applications1/4” Female assembly and 1/8” female assembly (commonly used on fans, window, wiper, sunroof, blower motors, etc.); 110 AC wall charger; and a protective plastic case.

Also available separate from this kit is an OBD II memory saver adapter.


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