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Ernst Offers Socket Boss Universal Twist Lock Socket Tray

Perfect for storage in the drawer, on the bench or on the go, this compact set from Ernst fits a large set of tools using a small amount of storage space.


Ernst TrayVersatility is a must for organizing any socket set. Capitalize on maximum configuration possibilities with the new Universal Twist-Lock Socket Tray from Ernst. Individual rails can be removed or switched for customization. Add or remove socket clips, label socket sizes with I.D. stickers, trade colors, swap out drive sizes, add ratchet and extension holders, the options are limitless for organizing your own set of sockets.

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Perfect for storage in the drawer, on the bench or on the go. This compact set fits a large set of tools using a small amount of storage space. Easy to grab and go with handles on each end. Twist-Lock clips keep sockets secured for transport and prevent tool loss. Even upside down — sockets are locked in tight. Socket rails are locked in the tray for security, and unlock with the push of a button.

Universal socket rails have also been improved with molded end stops and extended space for sockets. The full length of an 18” rail can be loaded with sockets.

• Utilize color options. Recommended red for SAE and blue for Metric.

• Push button release to remove any rail. Unlimited configuration options.

• Sockets are secure – even when turned upside down!

• Sockets are loaded with the drive end down. Instantly recognize sockets.

• I.D. stickers provided for labeling socket sizes. Provides immediate recognition of socket sizes and missing tools.

Eight new items are available to choose from:

Two rail socket trays come in your choice of drive size and color. Includes one socket tray, two universal socket rails, and 30 twist lock socket clips.


Three rail socket trays come loaded with a socket rail of each drive size. Includes one socket tray, three universal socket rails and 45 twist lock socket clips. Holds a total of 45 sockets.

Available in red and blue.

Made in USA. Lifetime Guarantee.

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