ESAB Offers All-Process, Portable, Inverter-Based Welding System

ESAB Offers All-Process, Portable, Inverter-Based Welding System

The sMIG function monitors the operator’s technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products’ new Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC, the all-process, portable, inverter-based welding system, was introduced at SEMA 2018. The Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC enables users to TIG weld with AC and DC outputs, MIG weld with solid wires (steel, stainless or aluminum), flux-cored weld with gas-shielded and self-shielded wires and stick weld.

Widely considered the most challenging welding process, TIG welding provides more control over the weld bead profile and appearance. Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC helps operators achieve better results by providing the type of advanced TIG controls found on industrial units.

When designing Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC, ESAB maintained all the features and benefits users of other Rebel multiprocess welders love. These include true multi-process performance (especially welding with 6010 electrodes on 120V input line), 120V to 230V primary power flexibility, compact portability (the unit weighs 49 lbs.), sMIG (“smart MIG”) technology, five-handle lift points, TFT LCD operator interface, dual gas solenoid valves for connecting two different gases simultaneously and a rugged steel housing. The unit has a maximum output of 235 amps/26 volts for MIG/Flux-Cored welding, 180 amps/27.2 volts for Stick welding and 205 amps/18.2 volts for TIG welding.

Rebel’s sMIG provides for quick and easy results when short circuit MIG welding. The sMIG function monitors the operator’s technique and continuously adapts to provide a stable arc and superior, repeatable welds. Professionals get the job done faster, while beginners can focus on good technique instead of setting parameters.

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