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Vital Fluid Analysis From Rx Diagnostics Can Bolster Sales

Recommend vital fluid service to fill your customer’s “mental shopping cart.”


Few innovations have done more to bolster consumer sales than the shopping cart.  It’s something that, in the physical or virtual realm, has become so common we take this devise for granted — rarely giving it a second thought. However, it’s hard to comprehend a trip to the supermarket or any website without this convenient method to gather purchases.

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It is widely believed that the first use of shopping carts was in 1936 by the Humpty Dumpty Supermarket chain in Oklahoma.  After a bit of consumer pushback, the idea caught on and sales skyrocketed as shoppers doubled and even tripled their purchases going aisle-by-aisle filling their cart. Without the burden of needing to carry a hand-held basket, sales and profits soared. By the early 1940s, the “No Basket Carrying Plan” had become part of our daily lives.

While a traditional physical shopping cart is something not used in the vehicle repair and maintenance industry, the idea of a suggested or “mental cart” should be very much in play. The key is to have an inventory of consumer-needed items to “fill” that mental cart. This is where Vital Fluid Analysis from Fluid Rx Diagnostics comes in.    

“Modern consumers are smarter and more educated than at any time in history. It’s commonplace to check a product for where it’s made, the ingredients or contents, and nutritional information. With that in mind, it’s no wonder recommending vital fluid services based on an odometer reading has always met with resistance; there’s no factual or scientific basis for the customer to cling to,” said Magna-Guard, Inc. CEO Ron McElroy.

“When we created Vital Fluid Analysis, it revolutionized fluid maintenance by providing service advisors with a simple to use diagnostic tool that verifies ‘Why’ and ‘When’ vital fluid services are necessary,” McElroy added;  “Proof it’s time to change will sell the service.”


Fluid Rx Diagnostics’ Vital Fluid Analysis is an on-site test that differentiates between and performs separate testing for all four major transmission fluids and all four major power steering fluids, as well as brake fluid and gear lube that includes separate testing for transfer case and front and rear differential fluids. The test provides a comprehensive evaluation of each fluid’s additive package, dispersant properties and total sludge or debris content. “Fluid Rx Diagnostics provides the exact results that will gain a customer’s trust, and are more likely to put your service recommendations in their mental shopping cart,” McElroy concluded.


All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown.  When these additives become depleted, the fluid degrades and can no longer perform its intended function.  Fluid Rx Diagnostics measures additive depletion and the level of sludge or debris in fluids or oil.  The International Standards Organization (ISO) Diagnostics Charts show how specific fluids appear at various points of depletion on their certified Test Sheet, “GOOD, “CHANGE” or “OVERDUE.”

Fluid Rx Instant Lubricant Diagnostics follows all Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) Standards and California BAR guidelines when making fluid service recommendations. The test results show the actual condition of a vehicle’s vital fluids including brake, power steering, transmission fluids; differential, transfer case and crankcase oils.


Fluid Rx Diagnostics provides technicians and consumers with the information needed to make an informed decision on why and when fluid services are to be performed. 

For more info: fluidrxdiagnostics.com

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