FRAS-LE Begins Selling Brake Pads Throughout The North American Market
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FRAS-LE Begins Selling Brake Pads Throughout The North American Market

FRAS-LE has launched the sale of its new line of brake pads this month in the North American market, where the company says it already leads the sales of brake blocks.


The line of brake pads for the aftermarket consists of four different products with formulations developed specifically for each application. The new brake padsare manufactured under the Positive Molding Technology, which results inbetter-compacted friction materials, improved homogeneity and standardizationof the parts produced, and in benefits and quality for the end consumer.Adhering to the company’s environmentally responsible guidelines, each lineconsists of asbestos-free raw-materials.

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Farmington Hills, MI-based FRAS-LE said it believes in the growth potential of the automotivesegment of the North American market. “We think there are plenty of opportunities for the FRAS-LE brand in the United States. We came here to offeran alternative in terms of quality and productivity capable of exceeding the expectations of consumers in relation to the products that already exist in that market,” says Daniel Randon, CEO and investor relations director of FRAS-LE.

One of the leading manufacturers of friction materials in the world, FRAS-LE also has its own world-class Research and Development Center. The line of pads being sold in the U.S. result from large investments made in engineering,machinery, training and sales.

  • Street Master is the economical solution for high performance and durability. Its formulation provides excellent drivability and silent braking action.
  • Magnum Pro provides ultra-smooth braking action,advanced technology for low noise and vibration levels, and Wheel-Klean technology for minimum dust levels.
  • Ceramaxx features FRAS-LE’s premium ceramic formulation, which utilizes a superior selection of materials and the most advanced engineering technology for maximum noise control and original equipment performance. Ultra-low dust levels are the benefit of FRAS-LE’sWheel-Klean technology.
  • Extreme Service is extremely efficient under themost diversified braking conditions. This line is the best choice for fleets, thanks to its remarkable andsafe performance, prolonged life of the brake disc and pads, and special resistance to fade.

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