GearWrench Has Expanded Its Plier Offering With New PivotForce Pliers

GearWrench Has Expanded Its Plier Offering With New PivotForce Pliers

125832Gearwrenc_00000074817GearWrench has announced the launch of its PivotForce Compound Action Pliers.

The new pliers require 40% less force to cut than regular pliers. The unique design delivers a more efficient transition of power from the handle to the jaws, enabling end users to make the same cuts with less effort than with regular pliers.

From cutting cotter pins to electrical cables, PivotForce Compound Action Pliers make various cutting tasks easier to complete. The dipped handles provide added comfort and have an easy-to-clean gloss finish preferred by professional users. The pliers also meet or exceed all applicable ASME specifications.

“This new innovation is a great addition to the GearWrench pliers category,” said Jim Stewart, product manager for GearWrench. “Delivering on our core attributes of strength and speed, end users will quickly come to appreciate the quality forging and ease of cut that PivotForce Pliers provide.”

The pliers are available in long nose and diagonal variations. The PivotForce Compound Action Pliers feature induction hardened cutting edges for enhanced product life. The PivotForce Compound Action Long Nose Cutting Pliers have a machined, crosschecked jaw pattern, which is great for gripping and twisting in any direction. The following SKUs are available:

• SKU 82120 – 8” PivotForce Compound Action Diagonal Cutting Pliers

• SKU 82121 – 8” PivotForce Compound Action Long Nose Cutting Pliers

• SKU 82124 – 2-Pc Set, PivotForce Diagonal Cutting & Long Nose Pliers

In addition to pliers, GearWrench also produces ratchets, ratcheting and non-ratcheting wrenches, sockets, screw/nut drivers, and other specialty tools.


Additional information about GearWrench is available online at


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