Get To Know The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI)

Get To Know The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI)

Executive director of ETI sits down with editor Nadine Battah to discuss ETI and the events it hosts.

ETI is an association of automotive tool and equipment manufacturers, technical information providers, and training organizations.

In this episode of the Striking Point video podcast series, editor Nadine Battah sits down with ETI’s executive director, Brian Plott, to discuss what ETI is and the events they host.

“We are a unique organization, in that we tend to be neutral on most of the issues going on, legislation and what have you. We’ll advocate on the part of our members, but we also maintain relationships with the OEMs, as well as the aftermarket,” said Plott.

Nadine and Brian also discuss during the podcast:

2:30 ETI Memberships

3:38 Events ETI hosts

4:51 ToolTech 2023

6:50 Cost to register for ToolTech 2023

7:31 Deadline to register for ToolTech 2023

8:30 Topics to be discussed during ToolTech 2023

To register for ToolTech 2023, visit

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